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Autism Spectrum Parents

Any parents of a child on the autism spectrum? My 3 year old was just diagnosed this past year. She is on the mild side. She can talk a little (she can say a few 3 word sentences) we have been taking her to speech therapy weekly for almost a year now. But her speech isn't the big struggle we face. She is so emotional! Always crying, throwing tantrums, her scream could make your ears bleed! It seems like some weeks she does really well and others it seems like she's getting worse...some days I don't dare leave the house with her! And her sleeping schedule is horrible! It usually results in watching movies until she falls asleep on the couch (which makes for late nights...) But that is mostly my fault, it takes a lot of effort and discipline to get her on a good schedule. And some days it seems she doesn't eat at all because she is so picky! Any suggestions/resources would be great! smiley

I'll keep my eyes open for you. My nephew (4 1/2) is autistic and is high functioning. He really doesn't talk much, but just started speech therapy and occupational therapy (because my sis lives with my mom, and my mom is kinda crazy and didn't want to get him started in a program... long awful story. Sheesh). He has some of the same emotional things, crying or the ear piercing screams and "meltdowns" as my sis calls them.

Anyway, one thing that my sister does that has helped is that she has taken pictures of people/places/car and then she laminated them. If they need to go somewhere, she explains that they are getting into the car and going to the store or to visit us or whatever and shows the cards in order. It is giving them info in different ways and providing a structure of sorts.

And I know that it is important for them to be on a regular schedule as far as sleep. I know my sis has a really hard time with that one because Lucian is a night owl. And as far as being picky with food, we just try to work around what he will eat and supplement with pediasure or whatever if he's in a trend of not eating much. It is hard. Hopefully some other people will have some good solutions/ideas.


I have heard a lot about the laminated pictures but I just haven't gotten around to doing it! But I never thought of making timeline with pics to prepare them for what's coming. Thank you!

I'm on the spectrum, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. I have two sets of half-siblings. My father's other two children are 4 and 3. Ella had to go to speech therapy to get her going verballly. Anderson will probably have to, and he has some pretty serious food texture issues.

So, I don't have any parenting advice as a parent, but I have lots of support for you, and defintely champion routine for sleep, food, and physical activity (playtime now, I suppose, exercise later in life.)
Also, really restricting sugar/HFCS and low amounts of wheat products. I started doing GFCF last year with myself, and saw amazing result. My stepmother really limits the sugar intake that Ella and Anderson get, and there's a noticiable spike in emotional outbursts and emotional instability in them when they do get something like a full glass of your standard store juice or a piece of birthday cake. Same with myself.