Beef jerky

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Beef jerky

Hi i'm kind of falling inlove with beef jerky... the bad thing is that it's not very popular i Sweden so i have to go 43 miles to get it smiley So please share your best recipie for it smiley

I needed to google it, since I never heard this term before. If you don´t know it´s a kind of way to cut the meet in slices, and them add salt and other stuff to preserve. It´s very common here in Brazil, since we are a very huge country and the Portuguese settlers used similar ways to preserve their meat when traveling around. So common that I´d never think on doing this myself, lol. So, I´m sorry but I don´t have hints for you...

Jessica: My favorite is Deer Jerky... We have a friend every hunting season he makes it. ummm ummm good! I love Beef Jerky, too although I have no recipes for you. Sorry I know it's kind of expensive here in the states. smiley

My grandma used to make homemade beef jerkey...she would get steak and use a very sharp knife to cut very thin slices....she would then soak these strips in terryaki sauce all night long in the refrigerator...the next morning, she would place the strips in the food took about 3 days for them to fully dry up.

We marinate the meat for at least 8 hours in terryaki sauce, drain it and sprinkle pepper and garlic powder on it. We then put it in the smoker or dehydrater... whichever one we feel like dealing with. The best thing is to experiement and see what you can come up with.

I just put a bit of salt and pepper on it. It's quick and simple and taste great. My sister-in-law likes this recipe she found online.