best software to start with

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best software to start with

would like to buy a software for digital scrapbooking which one is best to start with thanks

Hello Tandy. I actually started with Photoshop Elements many years ago but I use Photoshop now because it can do so much more. There are many tutorials on PSE on the internet to get you started. I believe there are many tutorials on here at Pixelscrapper to refer to also.

Good evening Tandy! Welcome to Pixel Scrapper and to the fantastic world of digital Scrapbooking!

There is no right answer to this question, and somehow the answer depends if you really want to only digiscrap, or if you may want to draw your own kits or make graphic design projects someday too. There are softwares like Craft Artist, My Memories and so that are specifically build to people who just want to make pages. But there are some people that think they´re not worthy and that it would be better to go straight to Photoshop Elements (since you can also do lots of photo edit and design stuff in it), or, eventually, paint shop pro.

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Since there are already lots of topics covering software, I hope you don´t mind if I close this one. You can ask how many questions you want in any of these topics - we are here to answer and share experiences! It´s better ask and here other impressions before purchasing a software, specially because some of them are very expensive.

Can´t wait to see your layouts on our gallery!

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