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So we left America for 5 years and now that we're back there's this thing called Biscoff. Where did it come from? What am I supposed to do with it? Should I buy some?

It's supposed to be an alternative for peanut butter and I've heard mixed reviews about it. My fiance is allergic to nuts so I've had to cut nuts out of my diet but I've been looking to try Biscoff for the last year or so, I just haven't. It's also known as "cookie spread" because it's made from cookies basically. I'd definitely try it.

If you want there is more info here that I thought was nifty smiley

What?! You never had a Biscoff cookie on any of your flights around the world?! Delta gives them out on domestic flights so I always snag a couple extra for the kiddos. They call them airplane cookies. The spread is a mix of the ground up cookies and nutella. What could be wrong about that?! It's pretty awesome...

I do like cookies. I'll have to check it out and let you know how it goes smiley

biscoff? I never heard of it until now. Maybe I've been living under a rock. LOL

I've never heard of it either! Usually I do cashew or almond butter if I'm not up to peanut butter...

Never heard about it too... But well, I´m glad Nutella arrived here...

I have had the cookies -- bought them for a tea party I had back in June -- but I didn't know there was a spread, too. Curious!

Hopefully I am spreading a good word. Haven't been to the store yet to try it out. I'm always seeing recipes with it on Pinterest. Has anyone made anything exciting?

No I have not heard of it either, sounds good though!