Blog Train Download Problems?

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Blog Train Download Problems?

Has anyone else had problems downloading free files on the blog trains from designers who use to manage their files?
I suspect my problem is that I have a strong virus program but it is blocking 4shared as a malicious threat... Anyone?

4 shared is, indeed, a bit problematic place to download from. What are you doing, and what error are you getting? Maybe one of those who use 4shared can help you with that...

When I click on a file to download, the website is blocked. Here is the message:
High Risk Website Blocked
• Location:
• Access has been blocked as the threat Mal/HTMLGen-A has been found on this website.
• Return to the page you were previously viewing.

If I have to download a program to get freebies, I won't do it, so if that's what is required at 4 shared, I guess I am out of luck. ;-(

weird... here 4 shared don´t require you do download anything, just to log in in their site. Does anyone know why it´s happening? Also, have you tried to leaving a message to the designer you´re trying to download and said you´re having problems? Maybe she can upload to an alternative... Designers are usually really flexible, and would do lots of things to please people who like their kits.

@Julia: I'm sorry to hear about your problem, I use 4shared to share my freebies, If you want to download my portion let me know, I can use an alternative smiley

I've had problems with 4shared. Thought it might be because I use Firefox

@Lorien, I use Chrome normally, so it's not the browser. It's my strong anti-virus program (Sophos) a commercial-grade anti-virus program that doesn't allow anything with adware attached to it or that pops up when I click on download. I totally understand why people use sites like 4-shared. After all, these are free files they are generously offering, and they don't want to pay for space to hold them just to give away--neither would I. I'm sure you and I aren't the only ones having trouble downloading.
@Jiovanna, thank you for your offer. It's not necessary to go through that hassle just for me. I just wanted folks using 4-shared to know of the problem. Thanks all!

I bet it has something to do with the downloader they offer. Under normal circumstances, you should be able to ignore that top box for the download and click on the link for the 20 second wait download for free account holders. Thank you for bringing this up. I use 4shared and had considered switching to MediaFire. Now, I'm positive that I will.

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