Blogs: Why do you read them?

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Blogs: Why do you read them?

I'm often thinking about my blog. It's a bit of an afterthought to everything else that I do, and I'm not sure I'm okay with that. I might be. Part of the problem is that I don't entirely know what I'm doing with it, if it has a purpose. Right now I just use it as the mood strikes, hoping that eventually some sort of something will emerge to guide me. It hasn't. So I was just wondering what, if anything, draws you to a blog. What do you like to read about in general? What do you like to read about on scrapbooking blogs? What would you like to read about?

I like to read/watch tutorials, to read about what's going on in the scrapper's life (especially if they got a new camera, got to take cool new pictures of something they are hoping to extract, stuff like that), and to hear about recent layouts they did that they loved or hated and if they hated them, did they figure out why? I think we learn from each others mistakes.

I also like to read tutorials as to how to do something. I get great ideas for layouts, crafts and just things to do in general.It is also interesting to read about lives of people in other countries and other peoples traditions etc because sometimes I think I wouldn't mind starting something like that myself.

First I like to read about people's lives but it has to be a certain way they tell their story with humor and the gift of being able to write and draw others in, really hard to explain. I might check blogs out but if they don't have that certain way of telling their story I don't come back.
Second I like to see if they offer anything free not that I download everything because I really don't download much anymore but I like to see what kinds of things are being offered. In the past I have already downloaded enough to fill a whole external hard drive so I really don't need anything else but if I see something extra extra special I will download. I am sure newbies are looking for free kits though and keep going back to the same blog that offers them on a regular basis as I once did.
Third I really enjoy looking at other's photography included in their stories to help tell their stories.
Fourth but not least I love love love to watch or listen to tutorials on how to do things and it could be about anything to do with crafts or photography or software that I have. I love learning new things. It is really a big thing to me to learn things.
I guess that's all that I have for now. I hope some of this helps you and maybe other's too. I also would love to make my blog better but I do not have the gift of telling about my life as my life is boring so I try to Give Back on my blog as much as I can.

Thanks for the ideas!

I like to read blogs that sound personal; there are designers that blog in a very impersonal way, and their blogs just look like a collection of announcements - In this case, I only keep them in my reading list if I´m a big fan of the designer. I like to find trends and quick tips/inspiration/ideas, but not tutorials - I think they fit best on websites, where they´re easier to find.

I like personal blogs, learning about people's lives and what not. I like blogs of all kinds: food, design, scrapbooking, personal, geekery, tutorials, awesome projects, product reviews, fashion, beauty, all kinds of things!

I'm with Sharilynn, there isn't a specific blog subject I like, I like them all. As long as they are well written (that is: no text language) and the style grabs me, I'm reading it.
What I love to do is visit a new blog (I usually end up on new blogs by following interesting pins at Pinterest) and after getting distracted from my initial reason for visiting that blog (reading more about the pin) browse through the posts. I have to admit, I lose track quite easily and if I like a blog, I can spend hours reading about the blog owner's family life / recipes / travel logs etc etc etc.
I'm a terrible blogger myself. Friends tell me I have to blog regularly to attract an audience, but I don't care. My blog is there so I can write when I want and be quiet if I don't feel like writing. If someone reads it, that's a bonus. If not, I can live with that smiley

I agree with everyone's thoughts on what they like to see on blogs!

I would like to say what are HUGE turnoffs for me and why I don't go back to certain matter how
wonderful their freebie preview looks on Creative Busy Bee...LOL! It's because it's almost impossible to find that freebie!!!!

Once you get to the blog, you have to scroll thru pages of their CT's layouts and even then it's difficult to find
where the download link actually is. While I Do like to see 1 or 2 layouts which helps to see how the kit can be
used, it isn't necessary to have to scroll thru so many that I end up in posts that were made days before without
being able to tell where 1 day started and another one ended. It's extremely frustrating and I just close that browser
without going any further. I then know Not to go back to that blog again.

The other turnoff is bloggers that whine about the very people that they are trying to attract to their blogs and stores.
Recently I saw one (who also has pages of CT layouts!), where she proceeded to whine that 200 people downloaded
her freebie and only 7 bought the kit to it! So why should she keep making freebies? Really????
Negative, negative, negative! Did it ever occur to her that maybe they don't need that kit, but with a positive vibe on
her blog, Will buy a future kit that better suits their needs. That is a blog I will stay away from.

The reason Pixel Scrapper is a Huge success and is growing, is because of how you and Jordan handle things here.
Everything is so well laid out and you are constantly asking what we would like to see improved or tweaked.

I can come here, and if I'm in a hurry, and need an overlay...I can find it quickly, download it and when I have more
time, then I can go to the gallery to see all the fabulous layouts. It isn't going to take me an hour to find the download
link that I need quickly, by having to scroll thru pages of layouts. If I need a tutorial, I can find it...quickly and easily.

Marisa...if you apply what you're doing here to your will be easier and more fun for you to post on it.
It would be wonderful to see pictures of you're outings along with a free color palette that came from it. Most of
us love things like that and I plan on doing that on my blog as soon as I can get things organized again. I've been
busy packing up most things so my daughter can get her house listed for sale. Now I can't find anything...LOL!
Creative Busy Bee picks up your blog posts, so it would help bring more people here from there, so they can be
part of this wonderful, growing community too.

Thanks so much to you, Jordan and to Everyone here that makes this such a great place to come to. smiley

Thanks for all the ideas!

Kathie: Like your post! smiley