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There are so many things that I want to do!

1. I want a home business.
2. I want to see as much of Canada as I can.
3. I would love to be athletic.

1. Travel around the U.K. and Ireland for at least a month. (I actually have the entire itinerary planned out already. smiley )
2. Travel around the rest of Europe for however long it takes; especially Italy, Latvia, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, and Russia.
3. To adopt as many huskies as my state will allow.

Oh I never really had one I guess I am happy most of the time and deal what is sent my way as best as I can but I have always said I have two wishes .. if I had enough money .. I do not drive due to health and afraid I would hurt someone if I drove.. my real wish I would want a reliable car & a driver where I could go and do things on my own the second wish to live some place warm all the time .. winter & snow is not friends with me or my arthritis

My top 3 - I guess I'll narrow it down.

1. Learn sign language - always thought it was so pretty and would love to learn it.
2. Travel to Ireland to visit the homeland of my ancestors.
3. Skydive - a bit scared of heights so this one may be a - last thing I do kind of item.

Haven't thought too much about it. I guess my ultimate bucket list items would be to loose weight and keep it off. It's not anything spectacular but it is something I'd like to do before I exit this world.

For my bucket list I'd like to :

Do an in depth genealogical study of both sides of my family tree, and do the same for my husband.

Travel to Iceland.

Write a fantasy novel.

Top 3 is tough!

1) Visit fjords in Nowray
2) skydive!!!!!
3) Become a Mother - does that count?

I was born deaf so I learned sign early. As I got a bit older, doctors realized my deafness was caused by water/pressure in my ears and surgically fixed it to allow me to hear. My family quit with sign language after that, but I maintained it! It really is a nice language (I'm totally biased!)

There are a lot of resources online, lifeprint being a big one! I hope you give it a shot! smiley

Raye, I had the opportunity to hire a researcher who has made all my family tree since the fifteenth century. I cried when receiving the document ...
For those who are very attached to family undoubtedly is wonderful !!!

1. I would like to travel to Bolivia (know the Solar Yumi), Mexico, Patagonia
2. I'm a lawyer, but I love chemistry! I wish I had time to study chemistry, even as a hobby
3. I would like an institution to take care of animals.
4. It may seem tragic (perhaps even morbid), but I would like to die in the land of my birth. I live far from my hometown for years, like the country I live today, but my heart remained where I was born.

I've been so fortunate that I've already checked a lot of items off my bucket list - getting married, traveling to Europe, Eiffel Tower at Sunset, visiting the holy land. But I still want to see the English countryside, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Greece, the Grand Canyon, LA.... I love to travel! Having kids is also coming up soon on my bucket list smiley

Like to travel. Visited Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Egypt. Live in Norway. Soon will travel in Germany. Love to take photo of places (without people).

My dream is to visit Tibet and live there minimum 3 month what is impossible to be there longer than 2 weeks.

I want to publish all my tutorials and seminars in books. It's can be many ))

Would like to visit Spain, Italy

Want to visit museum of Salvador Dali.

My bucket list:

Travel to Japan
Be in a musical (and not as a pit singer!)
Do my masters
Finish my AMusA on flute

I guess My bucket list changes from time to time! I have marked off many things I have always wanted to do. Most recently, climbing a Mayan Pyramid! I highly recommend skipping Chichen Itza and going to UxMal. It is equally impressive and you can climb to the top! If I had unlimited funds I would see all of my travel destinations for at least a month, so I could be immersed in the culture.

Now my bucket list is:
1.)Buy a wheelchair accessible RV and Van so I can take my mother all over the United States with me.
2.)Walk the Way of the Cross.
3.)Visit Armenia and Turkey.
4.)See Ireland.
5.) See Hawaii.
6.) Go to Massachusetts (And other northeastern states) in the Fall.
7.)Take a lengthy Mediterranean Cruise
8.) Finish my DNP in Critical Care.

This could get really long, really quickly!