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There are so many things that I want to do!

1. I want a home business.
2. I want to see as much of Canada as I can.
3. I would love to be athletic.

1. Travel around the U.K. and Ireland for at least a month. (I actually have the entire itinerary planned out already. smiley )
2. Travel around the rest of Europe for however long it takes; especially Italy, Latvia, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, and Russia.
3. To adopt as many huskies as my state will allow.

Oh I never really had one I guess I am happy most of the time and deal what is sent my way as best as I can but I have always said I have two wishes .. if I had enough money .. I do not drive due to health and afraid I would hurt someone if I drove.. my real wish I would want a reliable car & a driver where I could go and do things on my own the second wish to live some place warm all the time .. winter & snow is not friends with me or my arthritis

My top 3 - I guess I'll narrow it down.

1. Learn sign language - always thought it was so pretty and would love to learn it.
2. Travel to Ireland to visit the homeland of my ancestors.
3. Skydive - a bit scared of heights so this one may be a - last thing I do kind of item.

Haven't thought too much about it. I guess my ultimate bucket list items would be to loose weight and keep it off. It's not anything spectacular but it is something I'd like to do before I exit this world.

For my bucket list I'd like to :

Do an in depth genealogical study of both sides of my family tree, and do the same for my husband.

Travel to Iceland.

Write a fantasy novel.