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Change in the Weather

It seems like a magical change has happened since the calendar turned to September. We've been having perfect weather, a bit cooler with lovely sunshine. The pins on Pinterest are also becoming more ferociously fall related, which makes my heart flutter. I find that while I love the seasons, what I really love is the CHANGE. There's little more invigorating then when your surroundings are suddenly different. Are you feeling the change?

no change here... summer has never really arrived this year. so it goes from not-so-warm spring directly into rainy fall. well... first world problems smiley At least I have now many pictures to scrap from this year that look a lot more like fall than summer, so I can use all the fall kits that are coming now!

Yes we are too! Pops of color have been coming out over here. Leaves across the street have been falling. The weather has been rainy of late but its bringing cooler temps with it. I really love fall/autumn! It's my favorite time of year but I can appreciate every change of season. I enjoy the coziness of winter and the snow but enjoy the thaw which spring brings and the beautiful blooming trees & flowers afterward.

The weather here has also changed a bit - though it started last week. Some lf the trees have even changed already. I agree with you though I love the change of the seasons and I am so grateful to live where they are usually very distinct from one another.

Weather here is really strange! One day it rains like crazy and the other day no different than July but I can see the change that leaves turned yellowish and they started to fall. The thing I really excited about is that I am going to start wear sweaters again! I love wearing them, then there are boots of course smiley and you're right, Pinterest is full of autumn theme, actually in everywhere we started to see orange tones! How exciting!

I too love the autumn season, but here (in South Carolina) it will be almost October before we see many signs of the fall. It is 95 degrees right now, lol!

It's been hot here and lots and lots of rain ... the rain is nothing new lol ... I noticed that the leaves are already turning and are dropping off the maple trees ... too too too soon !!

This week was actually one of our hottest weeks. smiley But all of the stores are getting fall decorations out (and even some Xmas! smiley ) and I will admit, I started buying fall decorations. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, so I am super pumped!

Although the official beginning of Spring here is on the 21st, I like to see the "official" dates (aka the solstices and equinoxes) as the middles, and not the beginnings, of seasons. We are in Spring since the middle of August, although we still have some colder days. But the Ipês (my state symbol tree) of all colors are in bloom, the sabiás-laranjeiras (a very common bird in here) are singing starting 4 am till the middle of the morning, I´ve had news of several queen cats giving birth to big litters (yeah, I´m helping one more... 5 kitties this time) and the days are starting earlier. It´s Spring, my favorite season. I hope my SAD goes away soon, because it is annoying me...

And, surprisingly, I´m in love with drawing Fall kits. Fall like the ones you´re talking to me, is a season known only by pictures. Here fall don´t have the mistery, the celebrational feeling, and the pretty colors that you have, and I never seen fall like you all talking about. But somehow I am really enoying to compose fall-themed stuff....

We already have leaves changing colors...but then today it was hotter than it has been all summer can't seem to make up its mind yet.

@Lorien: Experiencing fall is great, but it's often best in the imagination. In reality it's just getting colder and darker smiley. I'm glad you can enjoy celebrating with us, sometimes I worry about people down in the southern hemisphere, if they think we're crazy or something up here...those pumpkin obsessed people...

I grew up in central Florida & I never realized there were any fall colors in my neck of the woods until my grandparents took me on a trip thru Georgia, Tennessee, South & North Carolina one year when I was young. I came back and could actually spot a few trees & vines that had turned - tho still wasn't much. I guess it took seeing it for myself before I could recognize it lol! But I now live in Northern Kentucky near the Ohio River and get to experience the full realm of seasons. As much as I miss the Deep South I would miss this if we ever had to move back.

And you're right Marisa it does mean its getting colder & the days darker! But like you mentioned before its more the change itself that's nice. smiley

..those pumpkin obsessed people...

hahaha makes me think of this shirt.

LOL Kaleena!

I love's my favorite time of year....the foods, the smells, the beautiful colored foliage, cooler temps, etc. What I will sorely miss is the long days of light. It's getting darker sooner & sooner as the days pass, and at some point it will be dark come 3:30 pm again. smiley

Like many of you summer wasn't very warm up here (in VT) and, while I like that, I wish it had been a little warmer so we could've used the pool more often (this is one of those years where I feel our money was wasted on pool chemicals & wish we'd bought a home without a pool). Anyone heard what the forecast for winter is going to be? (Farmer's Almanac or what not) I heard rumors that it's going to be quite a cold & wintry one...

It was 96 yesterday and 94 the day before that here in central North Carolina. I welcome fall with open arms!!

Still hot here in southeast Texas. I wished our weather would cool as soon as September 1 hits, but it doesn't. I adore fall - the colors, the cool evenings, pumpkins, fireplaces, cozy evenings, etc., etc., etc. .....


@Marisa: To be very sincere, I don´t think I really understand the pumpking and apple obssession, but I kind of got used to it. Bear in mind that apple is a super boring fruit that we have every time of the year here and pumpkings aren´t common (our pies are really different from ours too - this I know because when I worked for an american sometimes he used to make the traditional american apple pie and oh my, it tastes delicious smiley) In the first years of marriage, hubby and I used to carve pumpkins on Halloween for the fun of it (since Halloween here is celebrated only on English Schools), but after the fifith cat we stopped. Also we couldn´t find pumpkings large enough for our cats to jump in, and it made all of us frustrated :p

Back to weather: today we had a very annoying weather here - It´s what we call "four seasons in a day" - the sun shone and it was warm three times, for an hour or so each; we had two heavy rains, sometimes it was really windy, sometimes it was cold enough for winter clothes oh, and not to forget the very thin rain that people use to associate my town with....

Being from the Deep South both hubby & I had never experienced "long days" or "short days" like the North has. After we moved up here near the Ohio River it was hard to get used to the long daylight hours during summer. Felt so strange for so long - 9:30pm and sun shining just seemed like something was wrong lol! But I think we are finally adjusting & even taking advantage of the long daylight hours when we had them. Altho our short days are not nearly as short as yours Lizanne! I think our shortest is sunset around 5ish.

We didn't have a very warm summer here either. We didn't get to do a lot of swimming either like we had planned. Kids were disappointed about that. I too was wondering if the unusually cool summer meant a bad winter was in store but from what I was reading on wunderground they talked about how they had looked at the same weather pattern we had this year compared to similar ones from the last 100 years or so and they said it was just as much a chance of having a normal winter as a bad winter.

still very very "famously HOT" here in SC as our logo goes. smiley can't wait for fall though... fall and spring are my most two favorite seasons!!! we always travel to the mountains to watch the leaves change and pick apples, not so much of the "pumpkins". smiley

Our town seems to be surrounded my pumpkin fields, so whenever we go anywhere you can see the pumpkins growing. Fun!

Pumpkins ...pie and breads ... yummy ... I miss being out in the country smiley

Lorien, your weather sounds like some of the days we have in Texas! As for the pumpkins and apples, it seems to be a mixture of things associated with autumn - the colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I'm more about the pumpkins than apples. To me, pumpkins just scream "autumn in here!!!" lol

I did see in the ten day forecast our highs are supposed to be moving from mid-90's to high-80's. When we finally hit the '70's for highs, we begin breaking out the sweaters and sweatshirts!! Definitely a "mind" thing, though lol.


This summer wasn't a very warm one, which was kind of nice...but I've heard that this winter is suppose to be just as cold and snowy as the last, if not worse. BUT, the change in the air, and the cooler nights always are nice. I'm not a fan of it getting dark so early, but if it encourages my children to go to sleep more easily, I'll take it!

in Barranquilla, Colombia we have summer all year. No fall beautiful colors smiley

@Lorien: I think one of the reasons people are focused on pumpkin & apples at this time of year is because this is when they come out seasonally around here... I love making pumpkin soup & pumpkin gingerbread, and the smell of pumpkin spice candles. And while I dislike pumpkin pie immensely, I discovered a trick a few years ago where I made the pie half pumpkin & half pecan pie and it was AMAZING! (it started becoming a regular @ Thanksgiving meals, as a lot of people want both types of pies & this satisfied their cravings in one pie) As for apples, there are a few things that are only offered at this time of year: apple cider donuts, apple butter & apple jelly. Apple cider also used to be on that list, but somehow our stores have been able to get that year-round now (my boys LOVE apple cider - it goes pretty quick in our house)... I rarely make apple pies, as they're so common & at one point I got sick of them - I'd rather have apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream instead. I also make homemade applesauce with the apples, which I used to can (before we had a ceramic top stove). One of our favorite apples is the MacIntosh - they're quite common up here in New England, and a bit tart, but not so much that you wouldn't mind eating one raw. My kids also like dipping sliced apple pieces into peanut butter or caramel sauce this time of year as well.

@Jessica: Oh, how I would love it if sunset time were 5 pm during the winter up here - you are lucky!

Lizanne ... what do you use the cider vinegar for? ... I use it to make my chutney but that's about it food wise ... I also use it as a hair and body rinse .. it's great for dry hair and skin.

I mentioned apple cider (my kids drink a ton of it!) in my earlier post... But I do use apple cider vinegar in various food recipes (salad dressings, 3-bean salad, etc.), wellness recipes & personal care recipes. It's also helpful to have around when you get stung by yellow jackets or wasps - it stops the allergic reaction, reduces the swelling & itching (we used that last week on my husband when he got stung). I can't say enough good things about apple cider vinegar. I've also heard it's good for the hair, but I haven't tried it (maybe because of the smell?).

Lizanne, I've used ACV to help bring some life back to my waves/curls. I don't use shampoos, so occasionally it helps to use ACV as a kind of clarifying rinse. It's known to lighten highlights (I have lowlights), so I don't use it often. The smell dissipates very quickly. I'm what they call "CG" and lived over at Naturally Curly dot com for years lol. I'm a wavy/curly girl officianado lol.


I also use Apple Cider vinegar in my hair when it feels like it needs a boost. I don't notice the smell after I rinse it out, but I'm accustomed to vinegar since I use it to clean as well. I don't find it as strong or distasteful as I used to.