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I dunno if the apple vinegar we have here is the same as your apple cider vinegar, but I use our apple vinegar on my hair too! Specially when my head is itching due to dandruff - It helps to control the scales.

You girls are giving me the boost I need to try it... smiley I have curly/wavy hair, too, Lisa. I'm too chicken to go completely au natural & no poo though. I have thought about it, though.

Ah, you should! I quit using shampoo several years ago - wow, about ten now - and use nothing but conditioner to wash and condition. It can take the hair a couple of weeks to adapt, although I think it's more us that has to get used to it lol. Another great thing for hair is honey. A 50/50 mix of honey and conditioner, plopped on your hair during a shower is great. Washes out find and no, the bees don't start buzzing! lol Honey can lighten the hair, too, so I use don't use it often.

Oh, and epsom salt is good for an itchy scalp. Or even brown sugar. Who knew?!?! lol


Brown suggar? I need to try it next year. when I was young and lived in the country I used to have a bush of aloe vera in the garden, which we used to cut the leaves on the half and take the sticky thing that is in the middle to put in our hairs - it´s a natural hair hydrating.

Lorien .... I am so allergic to aloe ... I have a lot of skin allergies and just bought what I thought would be a great natural shampoo ... with a base of aloe ... I don't know how I missed it ... woke up with a very itchy body after shampooing and showering which washed it down .... lots of antihistamine later and I've finally gotten rid of the itchies lol .... when I realized what had done it to me I showered with baking soda in my hair (it strips all product out of your hair) and on my skin and then rinsing with cider vinegar it was a lot better. Cider vinegar is great for any itching and the smell dissipates after a couple of minutes ...not to use on broken skin though. For the time being it's soda and vinegar until I can find something else .... my hair though is the softest it's ever been and it doesn't tangle with the soda like it does with shampoo.

Marisa ... I too use vinegar to clean .... rarely do I use anything else but I use white vinegar because it's cheaper and comes in a bigger jug. It's great for spot cleaning rugs too .... for anything ... just sprinkle it on and leave it for a couple of minutes to dissolve the stain and then blot it up and rinse with clear water ... stain's gone ... I can't use any of the strong cleaners so it's always been my number one ... I don't find it smells after a couple of minutes which you can't say for all the perfumed stuff out there.

Ouch for your aloe allergt Susan! It´s sad, because it´s a very nice plant. For cleaning with vinegar, I´ve learned that it´s good to clean cat´s pee when cats are peeing on undesirable places to claim their territory. Vinegar avoids other cats peeing in the same place because it neuters the cat smell...

i use white vinegar for cleaning too... I'm so sensitive to fragrances & chemicals that I started making my own cleaning products. Better for the environment too.

Yes, I use white vinegar as well. Will have to try it on stains!

Lorien, yep brown sugar. I prefer Epsom salt because it's just grainer and I don't need any more sugar in OR on me! lol On the hair board (NC dot com) a few years ago, there was a bunch of people using aloe vera gel (the 100% pure stuff, like Fruit of the Earth, lovingly known as FOTE on the site) in their hair. I used it mainly mixed with conditioner and honey as a deep conditioner.

My husband's grandparents had aloe vera fields in Aruba many years ago, which generated good money. She sold it all after he passed. So there went that ...


We've had a change too! From Winter to Spring (yay)! I dislike the cold weather, A LOT lol. It's depressing. I love sunshine. smiley

I´m with you Tango Fever! Hate cold weather, love spring! Here we passed the mark of 30C (86F) which usually happens only in Summer. So, it will may be a very hot summer like the last one...

Oh, Kaleena! What a great shirt - it really made me smile!

It's really strange reading what everyone is saying about autumn - the first of September in Queensland (Australia) means the start of spring! I often think that we don't have seasons like all you 'northeners' do. We have:

Winter - really more like autumn with only a few really chilly/cold days. What I think of as a typical Queensland winter day usually has a cloudless blue sky and brilliant sunshine!
Spring - a few weeks of nice weather, not too hot, but quickly followed by what I feel summer should be. For example, today's top temperature here was 29 degrees (Celsius), and we're only halfway through September!
Summer - aka 'Ridiculously Hot', with temperatures rising to the mid-40s. Not to mention the humidity! I hate those days when you're literally dripping with sweat all day! Yuck!
Autumn - slightly cooler than summer.

Or, as I have often said, Autumn, Early Summer & High Summer!

(You may have guessed that I don't like the heat!)

That sounds about how the Deep South is here in the US. I grew up in central Florida and my hubby is from Louisiana and that's pretty much how the seasons ran - only different months than you experience them in. For Florida our "coldest times" were when it froze {which was rare when we were growing up}. Usually it was just cool or chilly winters like you described. My first time seeing snow was after I was married & had my first child lol! We had visited the mountains in Tennessee in December and saw snow there. Quite some time back hubby & I had come up with hot, hotter & hottest for our back home seasons lol!

Here near the Ohio River we are getting lows in the 40s and its only September! We don't normally experience such a cool end to summer! Its crazy.

Top of 19C here in the ACT (Australia) today, spring is finally here, trees are in bloom or turning green, daffodills and freesias are opening the sun was shining and bees were humming. Roll on summer smiley

Here in Cape Town: Monday was a beautiful sunny day AND today (Thursday) the weather has no idea what it wants, sunny then pouring rain, then strong winds etc.... BUT I love love love this time of year... never know what to expect or to wear