Chinese New Year 2013

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Chinese New Year 2013

Happy Chinese new year everybody! So curious to know whose are having some kind of celebration, and, of course, I´m anxious to see Diana Lee´s photos!

Here we had the "touristic" celebration on the last weekend. It was really, really, really crowded (Diana. I remembered a lot what you said on the comment of this layout) as I haven´t seen before, and we took bad places to see the parade smiley The weather also wasn´t the best ever...

Next weeks there will be the celebration on the local taoist and buddhist temples.

If you celebrate chinese new year, please, share a bit with us - I´d love to know more about it!

Looks like fun! No Chinese New Year here, but its Carnival in Belgium! I'm headed out today to search for a costume for my little miss to wear to school tomorrow!

so many places have carnival in february, i wish canada would do that. we have halloween in october, but still.