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Confession Time:

So I've seen a few different "Confession" threads on different forums and thought I would start one here. And since I'm starting it, I'll go first.

My confession: Pre-made layout templates scare me. All those layers!! I am a CT for a designer who makes fantastic, beautiful templates to release in her store so I have to use them. But when I open a new one, I almost have a panic attack. >.<

Your turn!

OMG April, I love templates. I just start at the bottom and work my way up. The only thing I have to think about is which flower to put in the place that they have a flower "holder." It looks daunting at first but once I got into it I found it was not so hard! Just take each layer at a time...

For me, I still fear Photoshop CS6....I still make my layouts on my trusty PSE10.

I'm afraid to post layouts in galleries. Never think they're quite good enough.

I love templates but I rarely use them and I never think anything I do is good enough whether it's a layout, photo, writing or anything else so I rarely share anything I do with people...unless it's food haha.

I'm afraid that my design work is subpar compared to most, especially on this website so that's why I don't usually share it.

I used to be pretty good with photo editing but i've forgotten a lot of it, unfortunately. I'm hopeless with drawing things myself.

I'm overwhelmed...A LOT...and therefore procrastinate and have the worst time getting my own books done (though I'm pretty good about designing...I am the WORST at getting them listed - I think because of organizing the tou, credits, etc. to package it up) and I HATE making previews - I think mine always SUCK!

Thank goodness for FlyLady, though - she helps me out quite a bit! smiley (well, with trying to break large tasks down into smaller, more manageable ones, so you can get things done, at elast)

I have no intention of ever designing anything but I LOVE looking at all the great things that everyone else comes up with.
PLEASE post as much as you feel comfortable with.
You have a built-in supportive audience with this group smiley

I do the templates one layer at a time. I tend to load them all as layers, including the preview of how it all looks together, and use clipping masks until I get to things that need replaced by specific tags, flowers, leaves etc. They just make me want to go cross eyed!! haha

I'm trying my hand at designing, but I'm terrible!!! I need to take some designer classes ASAP! I rely on tutorials a LOT. Or actions. Those I can do lol

Oh, I have no shame in using actions, April! LOL! They simplify tasks (why reinvent the wheel?)! And I love just playing with the stuff! Good thing we are a big 'ol support group! smiley

I have a confession: Although I like pink, I find it sooooooooooo difficult to use it in layouts... Orange is the opposite. It used to be a color that I didn´t like, I don´t have almost anything orange in my home, or in my paper scrapper stash... but, digiscrapping, I realised that it is, in fact, an AWESOME color, that make things pop and very easy to match up with other colors...

Haha, good point Tina!

I have another confession:
I have decided to make a 2014 keepsake calendar for my dad. I sent out an email to all 4 of my siblings and their children who are old enough to have email addresses asking for their favorite pictures of themselves or family pictures to make this calendar. Explaining what I was doing etc. and asking for their birthdate to put onto the calendar before it is printed out.
I think I am more nervous about one of them responding to the mass message making a stupid remark and making someone mad, than I am about making the calendar. There are 2-3 who don't even speak even though they are all blood related. And now they are all on the same facebook message. Ugh.

Oh... I am with Sharilynn with thinking any of my stuff is good. I like making layouts, cards, designing... but I always see all these others and think... why can't I do stuff like that!!! Doesn't mean I won't post them, though. I figure, if my stuff makes someone else think, I can do better than that, that's good! It gives them a boost in their morale! And if someone thinks, why can't I do something like and helps them practice and try new things, that is good!! I guess I'm in the middle. I do remember when I was JUST AWFUL and I kept at it and got better, kept learning this and that and the other. I read tutorials and hints and how tos and do them and promptly forget to use them again. And that's all right, too. I can go look at things again and think... that's cool! I should do that! LOL

All that is for pretty much anything I do, graphics, paper-wise, cooking, sewing, needle craft... anything. But, I'm better than I was and I love playing.

Great advice Cindy! The play is the best bit!

April, did anyone make any snide remarks? smiley I've done the calendar for my husband's side of the family and for my mom's side of the family for the past few years for Christmas and each year, I get a few more people who see it, give me their info and photos and want a copy! I go through Shutterfly when they have their specials going, usually a BOGO 1/2 off or free deal! (On a side note, I'm helping my hubby plan their family reunion in September and their is SO MUCH DRAMA in their family!!!)

Cindy...imitation is the best form of flattery! I scraplift like no tomorrow, too! smiley I just use my own stuff!