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@Heather: I like the idea smiley. The thing with scarves is that it's mostly about the attitude. If you believe you look glamorous in your scarf, then you probably do...

I was talking about winter scarves too lol. I have the same problems with the others as Heather. Either they look misplaced or I look old.

I don't think I have ever in my life believed I look glamorous... Ok, scratch that. One outfit comes to mind. I used to own this really fantastic lime green vintage fifties housewife dress, which I wore with a matching cardigan and an adorable little pillbox hat with a tiny veil. It was possibly the coolest outfit ever, and I loved it so much that I definitely had the confidence to pull it off. But that was, ugh, 12 years ago maybe? I gained weight and couldn't fit into it anymore, so I gave it to my brother's wife. They are now divorced. I should have asked him to get the dress back in the divorce!! I might actually fit into it again now!

I wwould have to say I am addicted to being on the computer- sometimes downloading, sometimes perusing Pinterest and sometimes Facebook- at least I don't play Farmville anymore!!

hahaha...Molly. I started my father on Farmville, then I found Frontierville and changed. I had to quit almost a year ago, it was just getting to much, and our dishwasher went out. Just talked to my father last week, and he's finally kicked the Farmville addiction as well. I'm afraid I may be starting him on another though. He's called me in Skype twice now in the last month wanting some live GIMP tutorials.

Computer definitely...though reading some of the other threads, I may have to be very careful...My hubby and I, in the last 26 years have had 3 desktops, and 2 laptops. The desktop and laptop we have now are both over 9 years. Our kids have laptops for school, daughter's almost never home - lives away at school, and my son's only let me touch his Mac Pro once when he showed me how to flip through a few items. Actually, I'm the one who won't let ME touch it. If I do, I may love it to much and never let him leave with it!

We have 3 external HD, the two lastest ones 1 TB. We also have an old hard drive from our desktop, that our friend took out and put into an external case when we had the desktop crash. Actually he was able to save almost all of it when he pulled the drive. Trouble is, that several years ago we also bought a camcorder and a DVD recorder, so we have quite a bit of home videos, and TONS of movies, or shows for our own viewing. I'm still pulling commercials out of tons of them. But we can't afford to buy more eternal drives, and my digital elements are growing fast especially now that I'm creating some of my own. Just praying that I can get my hubby out of the factory and back into his vocations so that we can feel a little more settled, before we have to replace a computer.

I eat popcorn almost every night. No least I can say that.

computers, all kind of electronic devices, books and pens. I have over a thousand books and hundreds of pen.

definitely chocolate ... especially turtles ... or m&ms ... or mini eggs ... or anything cadbury ... or ferrero rocher ... or... lol

I'm in the process of losing weight, a little over 4 stone to date and I just cannot stop buying new pretty clothes! After living in hooded jumpers for the last 8 or 9 years or so, I am finding my love for pretty girly blouses, luckily I have a good eye for sales otherwise I'd be bankrupt already smiley