Converting from paper to digital scrapbooking

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Converting from paper to digital scrapbooking

In Marisa's most recent blog post, she talked about scanning her old scrapbooks. She also posed the question:

"If you've made the switch from paper to digital, what has that meant for your paper scrapbooks?"

I would love to hear how others of you have dealt with this. I guess I thought I'd just have years of "paper" scrapbooks, then years of "digital" scrapbooks. I see the benefits of them all being digital: they are smaller and therefore take up less room on a shelf, and they can be saved digitally as well, for safe keeping. Thoughts, ideas?

I like my paper scrapbooks but they do take up space my plan is/was to digital scrap my travel pictures because really who is interested in all that crap, it's your memories. I'll make a CD for the person I traveled with also.
BUT now that I started I feel less and less like doing the paper pages, I'll just get a few family things printed and call it done.
If my son has any kids I'll paper scrap stuff to give to him & his wife.
Know anyone interested in a huge sell off of paper items LOL

I haven't "made the leap" yet. But I have been doing an annual shutterfly, snaphish type scrap book for about 5 years now. Now that I've found this alternative to literally dedicating an entire room in my house to scrapbooking, I'm thinking about having the pages that I've created digitally bound just like my shutterfly books. I guess I could do the same with my with scans of my traditional scrapbooks too. smiley Just my thoughts, but I'm brand new to this... Good Luck!

Another thing I plan to do is photograph all the boxes of memorabilia I some how inherit every time a relative passes away and digi scrap them for posterity. Then maybe I can give or throw away all this crap crowding me out of my basement.
I've had the idea of taking the pictures so I could unclutter myself but didn't know what to do with them afterwards.

I haven't TOTALLY made the switch yet but am working on it smiley I've been paper scrapping the 5 grandchildren (all under 7 yrs of age) but I'm beginning to realise that their lives are going to be totally digital anyway so maybe I "should get with the times Granny" smiley

I have the old scrapbooks...but find that I just do bound books...I figure I can use one of the places that prints 12x12 if I want to go back and add to my dd's baby book which is the only paper scrapbook I actually have that I care about.