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Things are good. The summer was a nice reprieve... My eldest (the rambunctious 16 y.o. I talked about in this thread, who joined this site last night) had a job in the IT dept. at the Academy over the summer, which kept him busy; and two weeks ago he entered 11th grade. Oh boy!

This year's going to be a busy one for him - I only hope he keeps up with his schoolwork (& especially any writing assignments!! if you are reading this Seth), studies & does well. I'm a little concerned that he may have taken on more then he can handle this year though... Not only does he have SATs looming (and the studying for that), but he has Capstone prep, A/V work (which he gets paid for - he completed the training last fall), Bell Ringers, Game Club & now he's joined the French Club! He's also been studying to take the driving permit test (so he can get his driving permit - he's signed up for driver's ed in the spring - EEK!), needs to fit in the required 40 hours driving time, is working p/t in the IT dept., and has youth group (which meets on weekends). And the counselors are already pressuring him to narrow down his field of interest so he can focus on picking a major & then decide which colleges to apply to. Last night he took on yet another project - he offered to help our local wifi provider with their website relocation/design (unpaid).

I don't know how he's going to juggle all this stuff - he'd be the first person to tell you he's not very organized. So I'm hoping & praying that all goes well....

Liz, first I have to say I love your new avatar picture smiley

If Seth will manage to do everything or not. I don´t know, but I know something for sure: He will have GREAT fun trying to do it! And learning to organize our own schedules is a very important and useful learning - doing it and failing it are both important, to know our limits.

My oldest daughter is only 9 so I haven't been there yet. I won't even PRETEND to act like I'm in the know. Two of my brothers were the same way and I remember my parents trying EVERYTHING. They tried rewards, they tried punishing, they tried taking things away, they tried tutors. In the end, my brothers just didn't care so they squeeeeeaked by and barely got their diplomas.

No advice, just wanted to say I've seen it first hand. It broke my heart seeing my mother like that with my brothers and it breaks my heart knowing you're going through the same thing.

Sending some SERIOUS digital chocolate your way!!

@Lórien: Why, thank you! smiley (about the pic)

I understand what you were saying about learning from your failures & all - believe me, we've been allowing him to do that (suffer the natural consequences). I'm only concerned, as his mum, that if he's taken on more than he can handle it will affect his grades. He let things slide the last 2 years (grade-wise) so his GPA is not all that great. The problem with that is he needs scholarships to go to college. Since he stopped playing soccer after 7th grade (his choice) and picked up no other sports, his only way of getting scholarships will be academically. Plus colleges are going to be looking at his grades (& SAT scores), too, when they start picking & choosing who to accept (they usually start with the cream of the crop). If he doesn't start showing some growth in his grades, he might not get into the college of his choice. So for those reasons I am (rightfully) concerned.

What's sad is he used to be an honor roll student......until he stopped caring & putting in the effort back in 7th grade. He went through this rebellious phase where he was pushing back & didn't want to do the homework (or any writing assignments), and the schools he attended put a great weight on homework so it reflected in his grades. Test-wise he scores very high. But that doesn't help his transcript. smiley

@ Renae: Aww, thank you! smiley I love chocolate, and digital chocolate is the best kind! (since it doesn't affect my diabetes - I learned back in January that I have this dreadful disease now)

Oh, I see. I didn´t took into account that the selection process to college in US is totally different from Brazil - ops!

Cheryl, this is beautiful and so true. I have six children and it was not easy having four sons all teenagers at the one time, and two younger girls. Life was a bit hard but with encouragement and constantly telling our children that We LOVED them No Matter What. Seems to have helped, now they are all adults and getting on well in their adult lives. Thank God. Hang in there mums wherever you are. You are good mothers, regardless what your kids think sometimes. Hugs to you all. Another Mother. xxxx

Well done Lizanne, and also your son. Thank God things do work out eventually. Hope Seth keeps up the great work and knows his Mother loves him No Matter What. Hugs M xxxx