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Love all the cool crafts we're all doing. Will have to post some of my own projects here too.

I used to cross stitch and knit and I make cards. I'm hoping to get back into drawing and painting, which I havent done for many years.

I've done just about every type of craft there is. My kids always ask why I don't stick with just one. My answer: I do it just to see if I can. Once I know I can do it, a lot of the challenge disappears--so it's on to the next one!

Hahaha Dee you described me perfectly. I have tried just about every craft out there. I got into miniatures because I lived in a mobile home and just didn't have room for all my craft creations. I loved figuring out how to do crafts in miniature.

@Sharron What material do you use for your miniatures?

I guess a little bit of everything like everyone else. I'll just mention one that nobody hasnt mentioned (yet).
For a while after attending a bookbinding workshop, I just couldnt stop making custom notebooks.

Lovely notebooks, Ad. Specially the pink one with cats.

Loving the Disney cups with the vinyl. Very cute!!!

@A.D. First off I love your notebooks, yep haven't tried that craft yet.
To answer your question I use a wide variety of materials for the miniatures. Everything from paper & floral tape to Sculpy/Femo clay. For the structures I have used wood, cardboard and foam board. I love using popsicle sticks for flooring. The challenge for me is finding the right material so the finished product resembles the full sized one. I will have to dig out some photos to post here.

I also tend to go through crafting phases. My husband got me into latch-hook and I did that through the first few months of this year to wind down (I find that repetitive tasks help me chill out). Most recently, he's gotten me into sewing and I'd really like to start quilting.

Someday, when I have more money for crafting, I really want to dig into polymer clay. That just looks like so much fun! You can make SO much out of it. Also, I never got the opportunity to sculpt in my grade-school art classes, but I have always thought it would be a LOT of fun.

From time to time, I bead and make necklaces on memory wire (for my own wearing). I like to sketch and draw with coloured pencils or paint with acrylics, though I have never really considered that crafting. I've always thought that decorating cakes would be fun, especially since I am constantly baking something!

There was also a period of time where I made shadow boxes and bound my own sketchbooks. Unfortunately, those projects got lost over time. smiley

Here are some of my knitting projects!

Love everyones work! I like to dabble in most crafts but i just can't find the time anymore, with study and work. I'm not very good at it, but i love it.

Well all of my hobbies seem to fall under the category of art.
Besides scrapbooking I write poetry, papercraft, beadwork. Though I have not done much beadwork lately.
I draw words in a sort of graffiti fashion too. It's funny cuz right now I am on a paper tag tangent! LOL! I have
used one of tags in a digiscrap layout.

if art counts, I'm also heavily into music, as I sing jazz, play tuba and bass trombone, and dabble in others. I also love interior design, and photography. I'd paint if i could!

These are great! I'm like everyone else, too - a little bit of everything; cross-stitching, plastic canvas, general crafts, some sewing, below!

Baby Blanket:

Owl Taggie Blankie:

Felt Baby Shoes:

Another Baby Blanket:

Baking - Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Cupcakes (these were SO GOOD):

Homecoming Mums & Garters (which I understand is a southern thing...maybe even a Texas thing):

Custom hoodie for my DD:

Watercolor Canvas Painting:

Baby's First Ornament:

I love crafts! I love doing home decor (holiday) stuff, playing with my silhouette, making wreaths. Sewing is a favorite of mine though. Quilts, clothes for my daughters, and what outfit is complete without a headband or flower? smiley Needless to say Pinterest is an addiction of mine!

Impressive, Tina!

@Tiffany they are lovely

@Tina you have some lovely stuff there. Love that painting.

Thanks, all! I actually had to go back to an art class for a month to remind myself how to do it all again! smiley I took art forever as a child, but it had been a good while since I had painted anything. So, I started that painting but it was frustrating me...we have a man in our church who teaches art and he let me come take the class long enough to work on the painting!

My DIY "bug" is BAD! I look at things and go "I'm not paying that kind of money for that...I'll make it myself!" smiley

I can design and build simple furniture, too (never been one for the too-detailed stuff anyways - I like clean and simple and straight in furniture)! Here's some of the things I've designed but not yet built...

Twin Step Up Storage Bed

Pottery Barn Style Teen Display It Storage Rotating Mirror

PB's Original:

Faux Fireplace for hanging stockings at Christmas

For the building, I am active in the Ana White community!