Creative B.L.O.C.K !

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Creative B.L.O.C.K !

So, I've been AWOL for two weeks due to struggling with a little creative block. We all have them, I'm sure. So, what's your way of pushing through them? Or do you just let them be and go with the ebb and flow of things? Argh! It's like having my hands cut off and my eyes poked out!

I think for me, I did a couple of 'off the screen' art classes so I'm craving a bit of tactile. But I'm even looking at that at the moment and going 'meh'.

ugh - I hate it when that happens. I usually end up doing somethings that have nothing to do with being creative like reading, watching a movie or playing some games.

When I seem to be in a stall position I take a sketch book and pen and just start drawing ... anything ... or opening one of my art books and once I start drooling over somebody else's work then I can start working again .... having a stall usually means you are looking for something new and need to grow smiley

I'm more like Kaleena in this situation that I find I loosen up the brain restrictions by doing something totally different for a day or two... sometimes it takes longer if stress is involved in the reason for the blockage. smiley

As the adage goes... "this too shall pass" smiley

I usually read or play a game and relax my mind a little.

I usually head over to the gallery to have a look or to Pinterest. If something grabs my eye, layout, colors, photos, I usually start getting motivated to get moving and then it usually comes. Right now, I'm a little unmotivated so it may be time to do some browsing again.

Hope your block clears out soon!!! smiley

Thanks all! It does happen every now and then. It may even just be burn out from July Madness haha I think the solution for me may be to get snapping again! My camera seems to have dust on it!