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Rosemery & Thyme sounds amazing smiley

I also watched Endevour without watching the original Morse.

Rosemary & Thyme is amazing, Marisa! Rosemary Boxer (single, has a doctorate in plant pathology, was recently a university lecturer until her boss cancelled her position) and Laura Thyme (a home gardener, former police constable before raising two now grown children, marriage dissolved as her policeman husband of 27 years left her for a younger woman) could hardly be more different. They get thrown together by unusual circumstances and realize they have a love of gardens in common. Every episode has the most beautiful flower gardens and sceneries. Sadly, there were only three seasons filmed. I saved up and bought the first season on disc. I am currently saving for seasons two and three. Even on eBay/Amazon, they are pricey for 6-8 episodes per season.

One thing though that I love about the British ones is their episodes are nothing like the American ones in another sense and to me that seems to be the fact that they are about 1.5 hours and are pretty much each somewhat autonomous. I know they somewhat build on one another but it's nice to be able to kind of have a major conclusion like a movie.
I'll have to watch an episode on Rosemary and Thyme and see what I think. Thanks for all the great new show ideas y'all! smiley
And I, too ditto... really loved the Goram and Eams team the best on L&O: CI

Isn't it funny how I'm British and much prefer American TV shows smiley Much more excitement and action in them in my opinion.
I like NCIS, Elementary, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Flash, and several others that now I've tried to list them they've gone from my mind smiley

@Melanie: That is very interesting! Maybe it's the opposites attract sort of thing at work. We are so used to the crazy drama, sometimes we just want simple thoughtful entertainment. haha who knows?

There is a new crime drama on CBS this season called FBI. It's actually turning out to be quite interesting so far. I love Sela Ward, nice to see her back on TV.

Thanks for letting us know Stacia! I was wondering what FBI was like... and thinking of starting it... Guess I will watch a couple episodes now to see if hubby likes it smiley

I'm with Chitra - I love Luther!!! Adris Elba is my new fav TV star. If he becomes the new James Bond, I'd go see the movie.

I also like Sheltland and Hinterland, although that is a bit dark. There was a Swedish one (I think Swedish) based on mystery novels and then Britain did another show based on the same character. My fibromyalgia mind fog is blanking out the titles and author's name.

These I all watched on Netflix.

There was a really interesting one in French, the police detective is assigned to case of a copycat serial killer b/c the original serial killer is his biological mother! Super good.

Thanks Angi!

I've just caught up with reading this forum's post ad I found it interesting that many find the British produced shows to be of better quality than the American ones. Me too; I don't now remember what I watched on Netflix lately but, afterward, remember telling my husband..."The British sure do know how to tell a god story!" Now I'll have to rattle my brain to figure out which show, or movie, it was. smiley

Any good, new crime shows? smiley

I was also wondering about this Bina. I was watching some old episodes of Bones with my parents and wondering what happened to those "fun" crime shows that used to be around. Doesn't really seem like there are any anymore.

First, @Gina Day, Mark Harmon is a DREAMBOAT!!
I love British TV and police dramas.
Some of my favs are (not all are crime dramas)
2. The Bletchly Circle
3. Jack Ryan
4. Bosch
5. Broadchurch
6. Scott & Bailey
7. Travelers
8. Stranger Things
9. The Umbrella Academy
10. Brooklyn 99
11. Veronica Mars
I really don't like anything demonic. Stranger Things walked that line, but I got hooked.

Chicago PD and Criminal Minds is all I am into.

Thank you, girls! smiley @Kate and Laura: not into demon/ supernatural either other than the special effects, love the Bletchly Circle esp the 1st season, the 2nd being less fun, seen Broadchurch: good stuff, gotta look into some of the others you mentioned. smiley