Did you watch the Oscars?

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Did you watch the Oscars?

My house is full of movie enthusiasts, so the Oscars are an event we like to watch. We always make predictions before it starts. In predictable fashion, Jordan guessed the most correctly (although I would like to mention my win last year). I found the show surprisingly good this year. Often there are points at which I think, "will this ever be over?" But this year I enjoyed myself the whole time. I particularly enjoyed Ellen's hosting, or almost non-hosting. It was relaxing and fun. And when she crashed twitter, it was a moment to remember.

I had seen very few of the movies that were being awarded. Generally I find that if they're going to give a movie an Oscar that means I probably don't want to see it, if you know what I mean. But the highlight of the night was absolutely when Idina Menzel came out to sing Let It Go.

What did you think?

I have just started watching it off my dvr....but its slow going with small children who seem to think my time is better spent entertaining them lol

I never watched an Oscars ceremony. They´re usually too late at night for me. Indeed, this year I was awaken, and even thought to look for a live stream somewhere (I don´t own a TV, remember?) but I didn´t do it. I should. Seems it was fun...

Used to watch every year but in the last few years got to the point that I don't want to watch and have the celebrities interject their political opinions. We too are movie enthusiasts - you can tell by the over 2000 DVDs that line two walls in our extra bedroom - but I will tell you that there are some that although I wouldn't mind seeing them I will not buy them due to the celebrity political opinions....feel it would be hypocritical to support them. They should stick to what they are good at.....playing parts to entertain us!

Not trying to be so negative. On a high note...Tuesday's are our favorite day because the new releases are out for purchase!

Tuesdays are new movies, books, and music! Tuesdays are the best. Unless your James Patterson. Then you release your book on Monday for some weird reason.

I didn't watch this year, and I love Menzel. I heard that they put the tempo too fast, though, and so it threw the song off. She did a version on Jimmy Fallon, and it was adorable.

I loved loved loved Lupita's speech, Matthew Mahonay was adorable, and I adored the person who won for 12 Years a Slave at the end...but otherwise I just beep through the speeches and just enjoy the other things...although this one was week on the other stuff smiley

I love watching all the women with the designer gowns but can't stay up to see it all. Ellen sure had them going this time around.

Its on live during the day here and then replayed late at night. I saw a little when I was on a break at work but can't stay up to watch it at night. I also love looking at all the gowns but tend to find these types of award shows can sometimes drag on a bit.

I absolutely adored Ellen hosting them this year! She certainly made it unforgettable. I threw my first Oscars party this year so we had a very packed apartment, about 15 people to be exact. But it was a total blast!

@Sharilynn: I'd love to have an Oscars party, but I need to find some friends who are interested in such a thing smiley. Was it a fancy dress party? That's my ultimate dream.

I'm lucky to finally have a group of friends that are into parties like that, haha! It was a fancy dress party! My roommate Morgan wore a tux, other friends wore suits or dress pants with button ups and ties, all the girls were in dresses, it was really great! I have some pictures that I'll be posting on my blog soon so I'll make sure to share the link!

Sounds super fun!

That does sounds fun! Any party I would host would only include toddlers, or parents of toddlers, and would be over by 8p, so not really conducive to oscar parties. I did watch though. I loved all the song performances. The clips of the movies are about the best chance of my seeing them any time soon, so I enjoyed learning about all of last years films as well.

Wow, i watch the oscars every year and i know what you mean Marisa with "if the film gets an oscar i don't want to see it" but i love The departed, argo, millian dollar baby, american beauty, the deerhunter, the godfather movies. But i think i will never watch 12 years a sleave, the artist, the hurt locker and i definitely didnt enjoy no country for old men, platoon, out of africa, Annie Hall. I liked the way Ellen hosted the oscars but i still love Billy Crystal, i think it's sentimental smiley

@Sharilynn: Seams like you had a lot of fun, unfortunately i live in the Netherlands and i have to watch it at midnight. The time differance is 8 hours. So no party for me.

I think I would love to attend a fancy dress party just for the dressing up part! smiley Hubby has zero interest in awards shows, and as others have mentioned, I too get sick of the politicking.
I tried watching several years ago, when we had cable, it was Whoopi Goldberg who hosted, and I was bored out of my mind. I think I actually fell asleep ~ which I NEVER do while watching something! EVER! I tried again when Franco and Hathaway hosted, but I had to stop watching it live, the commercials were driving me nuts, and after a few weeks I realized I wasn't going to watch the part I taped. *shrug*
I didn't know Ellen was hosting this year (did I mention we don't have TV? LOL), or I would have made an effort to watch, I really like her.