Digital art at it's best .... Jerry Jones

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Digital art at it's best .... Jerry Jones

This is a slide show of his work .... absolutely stunning if somewhat dark and gothic at times

This is his blog .... he shares wonderful high quality textures and lots of tutorials on how to use them

I know this is a scrapbook site but sometimes we just have to stop and see just what Photoshop and some of the other software is capable of in the hands of an exemplary artist

He does beautiful work - thanks for sharing the link!

I spent reading thru his old site and then this new one. He has some very helpful technique tutorials on some of his pages, showing how he did things. I was very impressed with him and so donated to him. I hope he stays around for a long time.

He does beautiful work, and makes some really awesome resources! Thanks for sharing; I am always on the lookout for new resources!! smiley

I've always been amazed at what he does with pictures - Jerry's an amazing photographer.

Thanks for sharing this site, I had not seen it yet. Great stuff there. smiley

I agree with you when you say "absolutely stunning if somewhat dark and Gothic at times", this work is gorgeous!!!!!! However where does it say that scrap-booking can't have a little darkness or a little Gothic style. Cute layouts are all well and good but true style is timeless. Sometimes I think the minimalist approach is lost in scrap-booking completely. I don't see why scrap-bookers set themselves aside form artist or why designers feel the need to distinguish themselves as something separate. If they can put Pac Man in MoMA then being creative is the mark of an artist, not the medium they choose to express themselves with. I love it, love it, love it and hopefully we'll see some darkness (just a hint of it being overly morbid is rarely fun) in a few more layouts. Cheers.

thanks for sharing! just stunning!