DIY: Rolling Laundry Basket Cart

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DIY: Rolling Laundry Basket Cart

Still needs painted, but here's what hubby and I worked on on our days off last week...

Plans can be found here ( We modified ours to be vertical and roll! smiley

Neat idea! I wish I have seen it when I got married and didn´t have a wardrobe, just a "wooden box" like this one!

That seems like a cool idea

Very neat! I found something on that site just last week that I want to make for baby's room ("banker's bookcase"). Sadly, I don't have a circular saw! haha I don't have room in my laundry for that set of shelves, but if I had room, that would certainly be on my wishlist. Well done! Always feels good to get organized, doesn't it??

Very cool!!!

Awesome !! Very clever idea!! Good job, you two!!