do you have any "me"time??

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It's hard to get some "me" time with two kids, thank goodness for school hours, LOL!

@Marina: I'm with you!! smiley lol

@Sharilynn: i'm with you, my husband and kids drive me crazy as well.. kids taking naps and husband working the best combo for me.. smiley

@Marina & Jiovanna: i'm with you girls...

Me time?! Lol. I get that occasionally, like maybe once or twice a year...definitely not enough. But I love my boys (9 and 2). The only time I get to myself (that I guess you could call "me time") is bedtime but that's 9pm and the whole time I'm up after that (maybe an hour or two), I'm telling myself I have to go to bed or that little one is going to have me on my toes at 7am and I need at least 10 hours of sleep! Lol.

@Priscilla: i love your comment, i can totally relate myself with it because i tell myself the same exact thing, the good thing about it is that my kids bedtime is a 8:00pm and i never go to sleep early, most likely around 12pm so between 8 and 12 i have a few hours to relax myself before the next day!! thanks for sharing! smiley

Me time... I guess that is what I am having right now so I get about 1/2hour a day. I get up get the kids ready for before school care and I am at work by 7am then at work until it is time to pick the kids up from school. At the moment its Mondays my daughter has dance, Tuesday she has T-ball and homework with my son, Wed my son has baseball and homework with my daughter, Thurs it swimming lessons for them both, Fri it's T-ball games, Sat mornings its baseball games. Then I still have to fit in doing meals, laundry, housework, family and husband time, etc etc the list goes on. BUT when I do get a bit of me time I really look forward to it and then after a while I start to think the house is to quiet when are they going to get home or if I am out with a friend I worry about how everything is a home. Unfortunately I can't cope when I haven't had enough sleep so I can't miss that and don't get much me time at night.

Wendy.. i'm also having some me time, while my one year old is taking her nap smiley
i'm busy all the time cleaning, doing laundry, helping my son with homework (which i don't really help him with because he's so smart, he loves to do his homework specially math homework) but besides that i'm always doing something around the house... thanks for sharing!!

me time? whats that? I have you time but never any me time

Oh Wendy... I can really relate to yout post... That was my life too three years ago.

I also had the fortune of having an inspiring job that I didn´t have time to finish during working hours. So I brought it with me at home. To kids ballgame practise, to bed at night and so on... I did so for about two years and then one morning driving to work I was involved in a carcrash. In the ambulance I called my boss and told her I would be just a little late for work, but that I could still attend to the meetings after lunch. I was irritated that the nurses wouldn´t let me leave the crash-site without a check-up at the hospital - I had important work to do and meating to attend to. Instead I was scheduled for X-rays and examinations.
Since the accident I have constant neck- and headpains. I started to sleep poorly but still worked a lot. A few months later I didn´t recognise myself, I had moodswings, memoryloss, desorientation, difficulties in concentrating, recognising people and places, remembering names and so on. My boss was on sickleave and I did her work to for a few months. I felt that everyone was chasing me, wanted something from me... My colleges, my bosses boss, the workgroup I was leading, doctors at the clinic, even my family and relatives.
Then one day the bubble just bursted. I couldn´t do anything, I had trouble expressing myself, I just cried and felt really empty with absolutely no energy left. It took me a long time of sickleave and rehabilitation at a Stressclinic to get a reasonably functional life back again.
I´m still not capable of doing all the things I did before. My memoryskills are far from skills, my ability to concentrate is still impared and I can´t say that I´m back to being the one I want to be. Crazy enough I can still mourn the person that I was... although my personality and circumstances lead to my collapse. I know logically that the way it was was no god, but I can still miss it sometimes.
Today I work part-time, choose a few of the kids activities to attend to every week, seldom have people over for dinner and let go of many "must do things". My house is not as neat, tidy and clean as before for example. I need to sleep a lot more and do neckexercises every day.
And most importantly I need to ask myself how I feel every day and adjust the chores and events to match my energy-levels. Sometimes and need to hold myself back , even from events I know I would enjoy to protect my energy-levels from dipping.

What do I want by telling you all my story? Well, I want you to take a step back and ask yourself what things you do for other people and what things you do for yourself. What do you need? How do you, really, feel about things? What obligations do you have and how do you boost you energy-bottle? If you keep pooring energy on other people and never do the things that fill you bottle up you will end up with no energyresources at all... So take some time to think about it. No one else but you can look into your life and decide what take energy away from you and what gives you energy. Write it down on paper and see if you have a balance between the two. If not, take some more time to think about how you would like it to be. Ask for help with things, lower your pretensions and focus on you´re own well-being for a while.
The kids will of course notice the change, and depending on how old they are you will have to talk to them about this change. They might be sad at first that you choose me-time over attending to their soccerpractise. But along the way that you start to boost your energy-levels they will notice that they have a happier mum and they appreciate that!

Wendy, I don´t know if you feel this is a problem that applies to you at all? If not, just disregard from it.
I know that writing in i foreign language isn´t the easiest way to communicate in theese matters and it´s hard to find the right words to describe what I want to adduce. But I wanted to respond to your post since I sensed a tone of despare in it and it reminded me of how my life was before I "hit the wall". Please excuse me if I´m way off and just bring a sad feeling to this thread.

From me, to all of you - "me-time" is among the most important investments you can do in yourselves. So keep investing!