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What a beautiful page!!! (A reminder for me to create a pet layout)

After our 3 sons grew up and moved out we were kinda lonely so my hubby and I ended up getting a cat we named Taffy. She has been with us for 10 years now. We have a few outdoor cats that have adopted us so of course we have to feed them:)l

All of our animals are rescues. We have a black lab, a black and white pittie, and a black cat....We also have a 55 gal fish tank with about 15 fish! We're a full house around here!

I've always had pets, I really love animals (except sharks smiley ), I currently have a dog, which is my love, I'm in love with her haha and a little cat called kitty-kitty smiley

not right now but we did have a cat named Belle who passes away. i'm not ready to get one to replace her yet.

i have a white mouse named Jillian.

we have a pretty white cat name Elle

We just adopted a little kitten from the local rescue centre, he's a little scruffy looking tabby bundle of fun and has already won our hearts. Still deciding on a name for him, but am sure we will find the right one soon smiley

We had a few animals but for the moment, we only have a rabbit.
We lost our dog, after being 15 years in our family, a month ago. It was hard to say goodbye to her and we still miss her every day smiley

I have a cat called Theo smiley

I have a yorkie named Ciara...she is one spoiled little dog lol...she is one of the family.

I did have a chihuahua named Rosa, which was my mother's dog...I got her when mom died in 2012....Rosa passed about 1 year ago..I think her heart was just broken after momma died.

We also had a miniature chihuahua named Brittany. Both of my children are daughter was having a lot of trouble after her dad was murdered, and the doctor recommended i get her a pet. I bought Brittany for her. She was a sweet and loving dog. Unfortunately, there are evil people in this world...Our next door neighbor (who happens to be a breeder) stole Brittany. My other neighbor saw Brittany at his house and she told me. I went over there and asked him had he seen her because she was missing...he said no...I told him the other neighbor saw him with my daughter's dog, and explained that she is autistic and how much the dog meant to her. My daughter was there bawling in front of him. A few minutes later we see him driving down the road, with Brittany looking over his arm out the window....about an hour later the police show up at my house...he had called and said I was harassing him! I explained everything to the police and gave them a pic of Brittany...of course he had already dropped her off somewhere so they did not find her at his house...that is why it was an hour after we saw him leave that he called the cops. I think it takes a special kind of jerk to do that to an autistic child! We have been trying to find a teacup chihuahua for her that I can afford every since then..but have not found one yet.

Robyne that is so terrible. I can't believe someone would be so mean. It's bad enough he would consider stealing your dog to begin with but to not give her back when asked is something else...and then to call the cops. He's built up some bad karma points and it'll all come his way. Good luck on finding another chihuahua for her, I'll keep you in my prayers.

Yes i was just appalling to me. I could not believe a human could watch an autistic child crying and begging for her dog and just walk away and steal that child's dog. He definitely built up some major bad karma. TY for the prayers....they are appreciated♥

Your welcome Robyne, I've even added your family to our church prayer list, hope that's ok.

Yes, that is absolutely okay! I sincerely appreciate it! smiley

We do not have any pets. My husband is allergic to cat-hair en probably dog-hair. (also allergic for other stuff).
so to be on the safe side: we don't have any pets.

Do fish count smiley We have a 50 gallon fish tank with a variety of tropical community fish. Our kids LOVE the fish! We just found a baby fish in our tank!! Whoo-Hoo smiley The fish are a big hit with our friends and family too! I love that fish don't require too much care. And, since we have family that are allergic to pet hair, we like that they're 'allergen free' smiley But, we love playing with other people's pets! Like Aunt Wendy's dog, Josie! Or, Aunt Diane's cats, Bear and George!

I have a 6 year old maine coon cat named Chicken Noodle, a soon to be 5 year old little black and white cat named BBQ Chicken - Bebe for short, and an all black cat who will turn 3 in June named Mooshu Chicken smiley

I love dogs !!!!!!
But for lack of time to the care they need currently have 2 dogs and a cat!

No pets here.

I have 2 beautiful and lovable Ragdoll Cats. I just love the breed and I often scrap them too. Here is an older one I did that shows both of them. They both are almost 16 pounds so they are an armful when they want the attention. Sometimes they are worse than kids.

I have two spoiled rotten kitties. Baby Sugar, my little chantilly female and Boots, my refined male tuxedo cat.

We have always had cats but a year-and-a-half ago the last (very spoiled, very beloved) cat died when he was 18 years old. We loved him dearly and miss him terribly. The day he died, I told my husband the kids have all moved away and now the cat's died - what are we going to talk about NOW? smiley The kids keep wanting me to get another cat, but I tell them I don't want to be cleaning out the litter box when I'm 70. I would gladly have done it for Cream if he had lived another 10 years, but don't want to start all over again. To avoid temptation, I got rid of the cat things and took down the "cat room" that was an enclosed area on the patio (we have coyotes - small dogs and cats are not safe just running loose, even in the yard, even in the daytime). A dog is out of the question - we aren't dog people and never have been. I like most dogs, as long as they belong to other people.

No, we don't have any pets. Our grandchildren have lots of allergies and I'd rather have them come to visit and not get sick.

One kitty but it feels like three smiley

This is our Momma. She was a pregnant stray when she wandered her way into our garage and our hearts! She has been the best big sister to my daughter and a wonderful companion! She can ornery and doesn't like to be put in any sort of fence, cage, etc. but she is very loyal and very loving. She's a momma's baby too! smiley

Four cats, which I am sure all of you can tell from my layouts, lol.

We have two cats that were supposed to belong to our grown daughters, but they have become ours. And and an elderly dog who is struggling with some old dog issues at this time.

I don't think of mine as 'pets'...they are more my children lol. They get bday presents, xmas presents, etc. Just very very well loved!

Ash, Muffin, Stink (Little Miss Stink Patrol), & Little Guy are my kitties. Ash was literally born in my lap, & Muffin was born the same day. The other 2 are rescues. I am a huge lover of ferals...and Little Guy is partially feral...just an inside one lol.

My dog, Leah (I call her Princess a lot), is a very special needs beagle mix. I was working at a rescue when she was brought in. She can easily climb a 6 ft fence. She is severely terrified of people, so she must've been extremely abused beforehand and was running feral for awhile. Nobody at the rescue could gain her trust...except for me. She would just sit in a corner of her kennel, cower, & shake. Well except when I'd come in...then she was a normal dog...a very excited one lol. So I had to bring her home. She is very spoiled now...and although still scared of people, I do all I can to help her along.

My son and I are very allergic, so no more pets for us smiley