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I have a very opinionated cat. She doesn't "yell" at anyone else in the household but me. If I leave the house to long, I am sure to get yelled at when I return.

I have 3 amazingly wonderful pups! Remington, Ginger, and Chance! smiley I'd post a picture, but I'm not 100% sure how!

I have 3 Boston terriers. Tink rules the roost She is 11. Reggie is 5. And new this week is Boomer. He was born in May and already is spoiled rotten. I have been touring the gallery looking for ideas for doggy scrap ideas.

I was a cat person, but unfortunately, allergies have forced me to give up having pets. My ENT told me not to have any pets in my house, especially cats. smiley But I have had some beautiful cats in my lifetime that brought me much joy.

I have twins, 2 chocolate Chinese Shar-Pei's, Moose and Mai Toi. They are 5 years old. They keep me quit busy. Moose was having seizures this year, but we got him on medication in June and he has been seizure free since then, thank God.

Right now we just have one cat, Hazel who is about 3 years old but are talking about getting either another cat or a dog.

I have two cats, Belle and Stinker. They are both black cats smiley
I also have two Chihuahua dogs. One is about 5 pounds & the other is 17! They're my babies and I adore them all. My dogs are both 15 years old and they're actually siblings...

I have 3 Boston Terriers. My old girl Tink, 5 year old Reggie and new puppy Boomer.

My best friend a basset hound named Sadie Lulu!
She's 10 years old and I've had her since she was 6 months old.
My spoiled baby. smiley

I have a big and fluffy black and white cat. She's always purring and sure loves to eat. She's also very affective always welcoming people when they come to my house. I also have a black cat with gorgeous green eyes with my boyfriend. She's always meowing at us likes she's trying to talk, it's so cute. She's also very girly, loving to get brushed and telling us when to change her litter, haha. I also have two rats who are brothers. They are just too sweet and very playful. I'm planning on having baby rats when I make a bigger cage out of a cabinet and maybe another kitty. I love to spoil them, they're like my kids.

I have 2 meow-meows

We have 5 Pomeranians!! They're spoiled rotten!! We also had a Tibetan Spaniel named Gracie as well. She was the heart of our lil family. Sadly she passed away in August at 14 years old. She was a great little girl, and was a very unexpected gift to our family. Two of our Poms were both rescues, and they gave us 3 beautiful little ones. Our lil Family consists of Jack, Emma, Isabella, Natalia, and Jacob. Yes, our fur children have human names. smiley smiley

We're also a 2 cat house here. Hubby isn't a dog person, and I'm happy with our two kitties. They sure make life more entertaining! Ours are named Pumpkin and K-Cat smiley

My doggie is Emmy Lou, a coonhound. She is wonderful! Lazy and likes to eat... just like me.

A fantastic Husky puppy!

It is hard cause my last dog (passed away) were English bulldogs, so different!

The husky is a ton of work, and very fun!

We have a ginger guinea pig called Marco and two rabbits called Smokey and Buttercup. They all love to snuggle each other.
My eldest daughter has always wanted a Mexican Walking Fish, and oldest would like a snake or a Blue Tongued Lizard.

I have an 11 year old pug. She is a sweet heart. Sadly, she isn't doing so well. smiley

W rescued a 7 yo Silkie Terrier. He had one tooth left on each side of his mouth but we fell in love with him immediately. His name is Wilson and we've had him seven months now.

my tricolor cat, called fussel, is 5 years old and a great joy for me, because sammy my 14 year old cat had lost before 5 weeks.

We have 4 cats. All were rescued as feral kittens.
Wiggles is 5, Bear 4, and the step-brothers Max & Yoda are 3.
We've tried rescuing a few other kittens, but they died really young (between a few weeks and 2 months old). smiley

We have an Alsation-Lurcher cross called Jess. She is 7 and a rescue dog. She has been part of our family now for 4 years and couldn't imaging life without her. She is such a character and never really grew into her

we have two dogs who come from animalshelters( Flora ans Saskia) , a parrot (Max)that speaks many. You can see them in my layouts

Yes! I've had my cat Buddha since a few weeks old (he's 14 now). Calla Lily (the bigger one) is a Dachshund/Pointer mix and Chloe (Dachshund) are my other "baby girl"s smiley You can check them out on my Instagram!

Yes! I've had my cat Buddha since a few weeks old (he's 14 now). Calla Lily (the bigger one) is a Dachshund/Pointer mix and Chloe (Dachshund) are my other "baby girl"s smiley You can check them out on my Instagram!

We have two cats. A long-haired calico - Twinkie- who is 19 years old. She has some health issues but she keeps hanging on. And then we have a delinquent male that is about 9 years old. Zeke is just like a kitten, into everything but he is gentle for any cat let alone a male. He is wonderful around the baby grand-daughter.

I have always had pets. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, horses, ducks, frogs and fish are some of those. Our cat passed away two years ago and my husband and I have moved to a place where we cannot have pets. I miss having a furry friend very much but we have animals on our property - squirrels, bunnies, foxes, raccoons, birds, deer, opossums and the most horrifying large house spiders I have ever encountered LOL. I enjoy being able to pick up and go without worrying about taking care of the animals but I do miss them too!

I own 3 cats. Rocky is the old lady...over 20. Poppy and Penny are about 6. Rocky rules the roost and keeps the other two in line.

Oh, yeah! Currently, we have one dog, a Welsh springer spaniel. A fairly rare breed, which I don't recommend for everybody, or just anybody.

I used to show dogs, and, at one point had six Labrador retrievers (my LOVE!), and one Welshie. I don't show any more, and am somewhat satisfied with just one dog. Two would be perfect, though.

Actually, I started scrapbooking because of my dogs. I thought it would be a great way to store their win photos, and tell their stories. My first two albums are about my dogs.

I've recently added a 1-year-old Lab mix to my household, though he's not a pet; he's in training to become a mobility support dog for me. Murdock's a bright boy who's picked up most of the basic obedience commands within the home in his first week, though we're still working on them while walking around the neighborhood and when there are distractions like new people or dogs around. It's a process, but I expect that with the rate he's learning, he'll be accompanying me for public access in 6 months or so, though he could probably handle it sooner. I'm opting for slower, though.

Cats! Two indoor, 3 outdoor, and 1 indoor/outdoor. The outdoor cats have a shed with 2 cat doors, a window with a view of a lake, and heated insulated boxes with beds in them. We actually have a web cam so we can see them in the shed. Crazy cat people!