Don't usually brag on my children, BUT...Daughter is OCU Grad!

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Don't usually brag on my children, BUT...Daughter is OCU Grad!

I don't usually brag on my children, not that I wouldn't have a lot to brag on. I guess I just expect things from myself, them and others.

But my daughter graduated from Oakland City University May 3rd. In 4 years, she got her Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology with an emphasis in Addictions Counseling and a Minor in Business! She served on the Student Government Association for 3 different years, ending her Senior year as Vice President. She also was able with the help of a 3/4th scholarship to work her way through in 4 years. Her last two summers had to be volunteer internships, and even with working 3 jobs this last semester, she realized that she needed to borrow just a small amount of cash from her grandparents for odds and ends spending money. She owes them less than $300 now, no job yet, and a car that got her moved home from college not to start again. So this weekend it's in the shop, and today she leaves for another Mission Trip to an Orphanage in Honduras.

She was accepted to a Master's Program at Baylor University in Waco, TX, but has chosen to defer this for a least a year, so that prayerfully she'll be able to earn money to do that program.

There have been ups and downs, Dean's Lists, dealing with police over vandalism to her vehicles...caught the culprit but we've seen nothing come from it yet. Tearful phone many want to count, but she has persevered and has the papers to prove it!

She may not know where the Lord will take her after this week plus in Honduras, but I know that God will show where to place each foot as she raises it. She gets frustrated sometimes with the fact that HE usually show just before HE asks her to move...but as HE asks, HE has always provided for her.

Congrats to you mom and to your daughter for all her hard work ... I bet she's excited about what is to come even if a little afraid at the same time smiley

Congrats to both of you. You have a lot to be proud of. I'm sure her faith will see her through the choices she has to make for her future path. Isn't it wonderful to have a daughter who has such great faith?

Yes, it's a blessings! You can do for your children when they are young, and pray for them your whole life, but eventually, as a parent, your job is to work yourself out of a job. Raising them to be basically independent expect to God.

What a great early Mother's Day gift!!! What a blessing, she is rising up and calling you blessed just by how she is living her life. I know God will provide her every need especially in those times He calls or leads her and she is willing to follow. And the struggles and trials (albeit, sometimes almost devastating) build our character to be more like Him, because that's usually when we have to seek Him, trust Him and Lean wholly on His understanding and not out own. Hugs & Blessings to you and your beautiful daughter Laura!

smiley What a wonderful accomplishment. Your daughter is truly a gem. Congratulations to her and you too mom! Raising kids isn't easy, looks like you have done a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, congratulations for her! And for you, because if you weren´t an awesome mother, that wouldn´t be possible smiley LOVE your avatar!

@Laura: Such wonderful, great news! I don't blame you for being proud of your daughter - I would be, too, if I were in your shoes. I hope & pray she doesn't lose momentum during the year she takes off (I know how hard it is to get back in school mode once you've been out of it for a while), and that she is able to get all the funding she needs for grad school.

Laura, I always believe moms have earned the right to brag about their children and their accomplishments. Congratulations to your daughter for all her hard work and to you as her mom for all your sacrifices to get her to this point. Be PROUD and BRAG all you want, you both have earned it.

Congrats to your dd!

Congratulations to your daughter and as a parent your allowed to brag!!!

WOW, that is so, so awesome. Congrats to you both!! I pray that God will always watch over her and guide her as she starts on her life adventure.

Okay, this is a public forum, and I really can't share to much....but PLEASE pray for our family, and my son. Daughter got back sick from Honduras, and I've been running a fever yesterday and today....all the while having to deal wade through some red tape concerning my son. It looks like tomorrow we should have everything straightened out, but where more are praying for God's Will to be done, the better. I truly believe satan's been on the attack, and God just wants to show HIS Power through all of this. Looking for a "miracle" again.


I´ll keep your family in my prayers Laura.

So sorry to hear you are having some troubles and sickness Laura. Sending prayers your way!

sending up prayers, too... {{{huuuggggs}}}

I've not settled down enough, or rested up like I need to yet, to write details of this last week +! But I did want to get back to those that have prayed for us! Answers to PRAYERS! God moved on my son's behalf and also those of us that were sick. Even hearing the story and those that witnessed pieces of it, still do not realize the extent of my gratitude and how God has bless us through this. Thanks so much for lifting us up in prayer!

Congrats to you both and glad to hear you're better! He hears and He answers!

Another several Miracles from God!!!! Soooooo glad for the way HE choose to show HIS Power in the last 2 weeks! My son has worked hard, done his share, I'll add- straight A's this semester, with dual credit courses, though we've yet to hear how many of those credit transfer....but that's okay, cause God will work that out too!!!!!! I'm also please to be able to say that my son again proved that following a path, stepping in the footprints of Jesus, walking a path of integrity, honor and perseverance pays off. Do what GOD already calls each of us to do, on a daily basis....just as far ahead as HE makes bright, and be ready to move...GOD will see that what HE deems important, in HIS timing gets done. Wow!!! I'm blessed!

Still ups and downs, health wise we are all okay. My daughters ran it's course, she was just really exhausted and had her version of what others had while still in Honduras. Mine struggles appear to have been struggles with Fibromyalgia, though I don't usually run fevers. I was able to hold off most of it until after all the required things were done for Graduation. My Computer seems to be gone though.

The high school contacted us for the first time, just one week before Graduation, informing us that the Chronic Illness Excuse from the Dr last year was not good for this year, because he had put a date on it. So I literally had to spend over 16 hrs that week, calling school administration (recommend you bypass all entry levels especially if you only have a week get things handled), calling Dr's office trying to get appointments. Scheduling an annual exam with a Nurse Practitioner - (the only one that could do a full exam within the time frame for the school) ...even though we were assured that the Dr would be available to consult and sign the forms, we found out Wednesday before Graduation that the nurse had really not conferred with the Dr...and she only felt comfortable giving us a letter for the school. But the School had to have the information on the state form, so we had to schedule an appointment with the Dr to get it done. I'm just thankful that my daughter was back in the states by then, and that we had been able to get her car worked on and running again so that we could make face-to-face contact with both the school administration and the Dr. Offices. Face to Face always seems to let them realize that you are serious and interested, and gets you some respect that doesn't seem to be there until that point.

So a week later we were still dealing with things. Thursday morning, my daughter & I were talking with administration at the school...then we high tailed it to the Dr, who then had no problem filling out the form so that the High School felt that they could really give a "straight A" student course credit, along with the college credit he was getting for this year. The Dr asked, so when do you son's response: "Well, I just had my last final, awards ceremony tonight and graduation tomorrow evening." Now the Dr knew why we had been bothering his staff all week!

Neither one of us minded the balling out by a Nurse, who didn't know us, or the fact that she thought my son would never be able to hold a job down...since he's been a shift manager, trainer, and cook at a Chick-Fil-A here in town for over 2.5 years...worked an average of 20-25 hrs a week on top of school. What I didn't like was the fact that the Attendance Secretary, on Tuesday, took things out on my son instead of calling me back. The appointment with the Nurse had taken longer than we thought, and our Dr Office is over 30 mins away from us, so we knew he would be late for his 11:30 final. After getting a sandwich to go because he had been fasting for blood work, and dropping me off at the house, he was racing back for that AP Final. I was calling her to let her know that things took longer than we thought, that he would be coming in quickly and late for his final, and that if the Nurses letter didn't settle things for graduation, that she should have the Assistant Principal call me back...IF there were more questions etc. Instead the secretary talked to my son saying this wasn't what she wanted...etc...and delaying him to the point he finally had to say..."LOOK, no disrespect...but the Nurses letter @ LEAST, excuses me for this morning, and I need you to write me a pass, so I can get to my AP FINAL which started 15 mins ago!...I can deal with this later, and YOU can CALL my MOM...etc." She never did. I had to contact the administration. He did say it was hard to concentrate on those finals, thinking that all the hard work for the A's, and taking the finals might be for nothing...

But the good news!!!! We were able to jump through all the hoops, in time, and our family went to the awards ceremony Thursday night where we found out that my son got a scholarship from the HS....he was able to thank his AP Government and AP US History instructor of 2 years who presented the scholarship to him. I didn't even think, with all the things going on that week, of letting his guidance counselor know that with his acceptance to Moody, that meant that he had a full tuition scholarship - she would have added that to the list as they announced awards that night. Friday evening, he was able to "WALK WITH HIS CLASS"...and know that he had truly earned his awards...Graduating as a member of the Nation Honor Society, with a Core 40 and Academic Honors. Not sure of his final Accumulative GPA, but it's probably around 3.4 Not to shabby for a "high absentee". We have to wait until July to find out how many of his college credits transfer, but like I told him, others may not have earned their awards, but he was showed NO favoritism, and cut NO slack - and earned EVERY Single point in the last 4 years, some twice because "if you're not in class you have to have assignments in before class, and still only get half credit"! And he can be proud of it all. He did it with Honor, Integrity and Class!

Just finished my son's first graduation page, thought I'd post a link to it here in this thread.

Sounds like things are progressively getting better. Congrats on two graduations. Btw it's refreshing to read this thread and your experiences regarding your faith. Sometimes a reminder that God has this (whatever that may be) can help a great others a great deal as well as you. Thanks for having sharing and in some cases having the courage to share some of your ups and downs recently. smiley

That is amazing! I know youa re very proud, and have every right to be! Your daughter has accomplished a lot...brag away!