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Elements for kits

Just a quick question to all you kit designers. What parts do you think every kit needs, such as flowers, journaling cards, buttons, etc. I think of kits as having backbones and filler, what do you all consider to be backbones of a great kit?

For me personally it's ribbons and a frame, closely followed by flowers and buttons. I hardly ever use all elements from a (mini) kit. It depends on the picture(s) and the atmosphere of the layout. Sometimes too many elements can ruin the feel, and sometimes a pic just asks for abundance smiley

Thanks Antoinette for your reply. Sometimes it helps to hear what others think about things, helps to put it into perspective so to speak. I know for myself sometimes I try to put too many things together and end up with a cluttered look.

For me, it's ribbon, buttons, and some type of plant life, be it flowers or leaves.

I like frames and fun papers as backbone pieces. Minor elements I get excited to see are smalls like twigs, grasses, long things to help fill in behind the usual elements of ribbons and buttons, etc.

Buttons, bows and ribbons are really cute, but I tend to lean towards the paper and the pattern of the papers. I do love looking at all the different things that people do with "scraps" of craft items, and how they can be used to make other things look pretty, when perhaps I would have thought of it as trash. I really like the twig idea, and I might steal that. haha. For me, Glitter is my biggest pull, anything glittery catches my eye, and makes me want it! I can't even go to dollarama without saying oooh glitter! Then my Dear Hubby says, Mar, you say that every time we come here, about the very same thing. lol I can't help it! lol

There are just so many wonderful elements that you can choose from, it's hard to just pick a handful. smiley Thanks to everyone for commenting and letting me know what you all like.

Frames are important for me and word art too.

I love paint splatters too. And unique buttons/ephemera. I have two little boys to scrap pages about, so a lot of the ribbons and flowers don't get used in the kits I use to make pages for them.

A kit that catches my eye always has something unique...instead of a kit with the elements every one else, think outside the box. Something with rain drops, some manly elements, birds, bunnies, music notes, etc

I don't know why it is, but a kit with birds or butterflies will always grab me! Maybe I was an eagle in a previous life but I am drawn to anything that can fly, even if it's a bat, lol!

I always like buttons, bows, swirly ribbons or strings, papers, masks, paint. etc.... smiley

I'd say frames and papers are high on my list when searching for kits. Word art, too.

I think the ink splotches and brush patterns make great backbones because they add another dimension or texture...the scatterings of tiny objects create alot of interest as well. Just my two cents! ha!

For me it's unique paints, tags, washi tape and word art. I hardly use frames, but am trying to more. I also like flowers but not too many. I think it's interesting that most(not all) people always say they like papers most. I have a really hard time with papers, using them and designing them.

I'm not a designer....although i'd love to learn...but as a scrapper, I personally love the embellishments and papers best, followed by the alphabets. I ADORE having matching alphas, but the things I look for the most are creative embellishments followed by the papers. I agree, I like ribbons, flowers, and frames, but I also like places I can stick at least the date/activity or important tidbits about the topic i'm scrapping. Little "knick knacks", so to speak, that I can stick to fill up my page a little are a delight to me...and I constantly use papers to do that, not just embellishments smiley I hope it is ok i answered smiley

I'm not a designer either but as a scrapper I love staples and always look for one to be a part of any kit I buy. Embellishments need to be anchored to the page and to do this a staple is my favourite element.

Another non-designer here. As a scrapper I don't often use frames. I agree with Joanne about the staple or some sort of attachment piece. I tend to use a floral item and bird or butterfly on most of my pages. I do think we need more masculine kits as well. It's always harder finding items to use for pages of my guys.

What a diversive reply. I just like it all. I have a hard time using papers although I know you must use them! I have a hard time making figured papers match up and look decent. I would like to practice with that more. I love seeing examples in the gallery. Thanks people for all your ideas.

As a buyer of kits, I usually like a lot of the 'backbone' pieces in my kits. Things that can go on any page, because then I know I will use the kit again & again. I especially love wordart though!

OK here is some diversity lol..
For me it is almost anything goes. I love tags, ribbons and bows,
but I also love elements etc, in all types of themes, such as steampunk, antique, vintage, deco, historical, ....

and since I am into many types of art such as psp, poser, 3d, painting, photography, OMG I have no real focus,
(which is actually a problem for me)

Bottom line, each kit I fall in love with has it's own distinct personality, so bring them on, I love it all!

I love it all, too! I never make a layout by using a kit. I find kits, and throw all the good stuff from it into my ENORMOUS stash. Then when I make a layout, I just choose whatever I like from my stash. I never remember where the elements came from. Am I terrible?

Musts in a kit for me are ribbons, bows, leaves, flowers, & animals lol. I see a kit with a fox or cat or dog and I can't wait to work with it. Painted papers are my fave...so I like those a lot.