Facebook (Freebie Program)?

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Facebook (Freebie Program)?

Hello to Everyone at PixelScrapper! smiley

I am setting up my facebook page, and I would like people to download my scrap freebees when I start making them. Does anyone know the apps name?

Naturally I will let them know about this terrific website, that is if you want me to.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

smiley No...I don't..sorry can't help you here...

After a whole day of futile searching, I finally found the program of what I was searching for! The website is tradablebits.com. It allows designers to who have a Facebook Hop get more Likes. If a person wants to download your designs, then they have to hit "Like." This program addresses everything I need. smiley

I hope this helps for anyone who would want this type of help for Likes on FB.

That's good to know. Thank you for the info.

thank you, i was also searching for that! this was a great help!

Thank you for sharing that info! I had also wondered.

I use tradablebits.com since I started and I love it, It has all the resources you need! :)

I just spent some time setting the app MyTab up for my Facebook freebie. It's pretty basic, but it is free, and I can't afford any more biz costs right now, lol! smiley

Just to let you know: I Went back to this topic to set my fanpage. Tried TradableBits, and, on the last minute, I discovered that it asked for people downloading the freebie to share lots of their information with the app company. As I don´t think it´s necessary, I kept looking for, and discovered that one: http://woobox.com/ The interface to create the tab is a bit buggy, but, after some trials, my fanpage is up and running. Any other older fan page owners have advice for us?

I used tradablebits.com, i heard the same thing as Lorien smiley but i still use it, it works great for me!

I use Woobox and it works like a charm! no sharing of information or anything like that. smiley

Thanks for sharing, I'm planning to get more use of my Facebook Page so this info is very useful.

I have used the app My Tab's free version. It seems simple enough for me and I don't think anyone has to share anything when they download. I've had it up for a while now, so I don't remember if it was tricky to set up.

Thanks for the suggestions ladies.