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Favorite Apps

I'm still pretty new to my smartphone, and was wondering what your favorite apps are? Be sure to mention if you're using Android or Apple, as only some apps are cross platform.

I use Android and I don't think I have any great recommendations (looking forward to yours). I mostly use Instagram, Pinterest and my Couch to 5k running app (RunDouble).

I use Apple and here are some of my favorite apps: Apps Gone Free (free apps everyday), Instagram (and Padgram to go with it), Evangelizo (for my daily reflections), and I have a LOT of photography apps, some of them I haven't even tried out yet (just some, Snapseed, iColorama, Camera360, Repix, Rhonna), Illustration apps (Adobe Ideas, Sketches), and just for fun/game apps (Morto, Perfect365, Quell). Yup, I'm an app addict alright!

I've got my sons old iTouch, and it's so old that the Pintest app doesn't work any more...they are constantly asking to update but it won't. So i normally use safari to browse others pins. Cant surf and find my own that way though ... So when I can get my hands on hubby's iPhone, Imake a bee line to Pinterest. I love the new immediate option to pin or heart, just by holding onto the pin! Then I go suffering and pinning!

My other one is a Sudoku! Again it's updated and we lost the old version on the iTouch.

I use Android. Here is my list

  • • Audible
  • • CameraMX
  • • Chrome
  • • Clean Master
  • • Colorflashling HD (I need a red light for LARPING)
  • • Dosecast (not free, but I take a lot of medication)
  • • Dropbox
  • • Duolingo
  • • Etsy
  • • Evernote
  • • Everyday.Me
  • • Goodreads
  • • Home Depot (I actually use this when I work, because it’s better than using the store’s system. If you go to HD regularly, I suggest downloading it)
  • • Instagram
  • • Jo-Ann
  • • Laudate (if you’re Catholic)
  • • MyFont (to make your phone fonts pretty)
  • • Pocket
  • • Sketchbook Mobile (1.99, worth it)
  • • Snapseed
  • • Spotify
  • • Stopwatch & Timer
  • • Triple Town (the only game I own 3.99)
  • • Twicca
  • • Uninstal Master
  • • Waze
  • • Wikipedia
  • • ZocDoc

I´m another new android user. Still want to know great apps.

What I like so far is:
-Amazon kindle
-TuneIn Radio
-Opera mobile browser

Also, these games:
-Castle TD

Great tips everyone! I'm going to check some out. I didn't think to look for a daily meditation app. Great idea!

BibleGateway has some great daily Bible reading plans. As far as an App, I know they had one last year that linked with Facebook, but it quit working on my computer, so don't know if they still do one...or if they have one for phones, I think so, but again, my iTouch is so old I couldn't use it. But check out they website if your looking for a reading plan, they have several!

i have to admit that i love: Instagram & WhatApp smiley

One of my favorites are Instagram & Facebook of course! smiley