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I love Stamp Act, and use it a lot.

I have a top fav but I lean towards cursive fonts!

OMG, I'd like to kiss you in the forhead right now, Cat! How is it possible I went on for so long without knowing this trick?! Life-changing moment, I tell you. Thank you doesn't even cut it. I too have waaaay too many fonts loaded into the software, no doubt this trick is gonna speed thing up from now smiley humble, humble thank yous!
Besides the always popular and essential font styles like Handwriting & Typewriter, I'm currently loving the artsy, brush types (#1 LeviBrush). At one point or another, dafont was my homepage, need I say more about my font obbession smiley I usually pay extra attention to the choice of font on my page because it can really round up the story, or balance out the design.

I love all of the Pea Noodle fonts for kid pages, but I love BossHole for camping and boy pages! I downloaded them all for free!

I can't pick just one! The two I use most are MF Delicate Little Flower and KG Miss Kindergarden (who makes up these names?) I'm in the process of switching from a PC to a mac, and am loosing almost half the fonts in my library smiley So I'm on the search for new ones that work on a mac - I'd never heard of kevinandamanda.com - thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the new fonts ladies lol... like I needed anymore! I also downloaded the nexus program. The other one won't work on windows 8.

Oh my . . . I agree, this thread is DANGEROUS smiley

My favourites change regularly and depend on the types of layouts I'm doing - right now I've been using My Boyfriend's Handwriting a fair bit as a handwriting font, and several typewriter fonts, etc. etc.

Gimp actually allows me to designate a second font folder under preferences, so I don't ever have to install my scrapbooking fonts unless I need to use them outside of my scrapbooking. Is there an option like that in photoshop too? I was finding though, that it was easier to search up new fonts on DaFont than to figure out what I already had, so I finally tried out a few font managers last week. I too, ended up with NexusFont which seems to do all I need it it. I started a thread on font managers at the time - so if you have any advice for those of us starting with NexusFont (or any advice about other good font managers), feel free to join us here.

There are so many great fonts it's hard to choose one, and it all definitely depends on the project. I find myself using BD CARTOON SHOUT and Bookworm a lot.

I don't have a particular favorite font, but I often use cursive and Celtic fonts.

My husband teases me about my ever growing font collection lol! I have been collecting fonts forever, I've always been a sucker for a pretty or unusual font!
Lately, I've been using Pacifico from Google fonts a lot. I love that Google fonts offers font paring suggestions as I will often use two or three coordinating fonts in a layout or design.

For my go to it is Segoe Print and Script. If I am looking for anything else I LOVE Kimberly Geswein fonts.

I can't believe I never knew about Nexusfont. Off to figure that one out. I have a huge pinterest font board.

I've also been debating on buying this Stringfellows font for a while.
I hate to pay for fonts when there are so many great ones out there, but this one is just so great.

I also bought this bundle a while ago. I love all of these fonts!

If we're talking fancy script, I like bombshell pro and jacques & gilles. For all uppercase, core circus fonts. For journaling, any sans serif font.

I might be a fontaholic if I had to make myself a visual guide...and these are just the ones I keep installed for designing everything from scrap layouts to greeting cards and websites. I find that a visual layout makes it much easier for me to find something that looks interesting than scrolling through an endless list of fonts with tiny tiny previews.

Image links to the fullsize version (1920x1080) which is the defined background paper for my Rainmeter "design workspace". (I've set up multiple desktop layouts that can be switched between fairly quickly. The gaming one has buttons to quickstart favorite games and my web browser plus Skype and TeamSpeak. The design one has Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Suitcase, and FileZilla which are set up to not appear unless I move the mouse over them, plus a translucent clock to help keep track of time. It took a while to set up, but I don't get distracted as easily now.)

All of the fonts except for Context and Brioso are added at the same font size, so I know if a font's sizing runs larger or smaller than average and can plan accordingly.

For now, I'd say my current favorites are Ardley's Hand for handwriting, Abrazzo Script for modern script, Freebooter Script and Houston for calligraphic script, Execute and Amiga Forever for gaming/tech pages, Country Blueprint for when I scrap about designing house plans (someday...), Broadway and BubbleSoft for making interesting alphas... It's so hard to pick one just one, because it varies with the page!

Wow, great tips and great fonts. I collected a few new ones. I use dafont and squirrel font sites. My usual go to fonts are Black Jack and Lobster

I like lots of different fonts but I seem to gravitate towards typewriter and script ones.

Evil!! You are all evil! I tried to resist, but my arm hurts from all of you twisting it behind my back until I downloaded these fonts and added them to my impossible-to-use-them-all-in-five-lifetimes font collection. LOL. I don't have a favorite though I tend to go for casual print. I've been trying to use a different font for journal for each two page spread or event in my chronological books. For themed books, I'll pick one or two for journaling and whatever I need for titles. I like to use the alphas or word art that comes with kits for titles if I can.

I love Kimberly Geswein's fonts. This is one for my favourites - Thinking out loud.

I tend to use script font more than anything else.

I like big bold fonts they seem easier to read.

It depends on the project I´m working on, I like mostly clear fonts like the Print Clear or pea ellies bellie, But also love others like Pass the chex... And Elephants in cherry trees

I collect fonts at Font Squirrel http://www.fontsquirrel.com/

They are all CU ok (which is great for promotional work) - I have a few favorites ROCHESTER


and one that isn't CU ok but I really love the letter S in Santa's Sleigh [img=600x219][/img]

I keep a spreadsheet guide of the CU fonts that I have collected. I have the font name in column at, and a sample ABCEDFG abcdefg in column B - extended out wide so I have a place to try it out on the title I'm working on! One sheet for regular CU fonts, one sheet for ding bats (I have a few that I use regularly ... I'm working a project with STATE FACE right now) and one for my kevinandamanda fonts

I love Angelic War smiley

My first thought when I saw this thread was DANGER-DANGER!
I love handwritten scripts, grungy typewriter fonts, most fonts that look handmade...and just about anything that catches my eye.

Oooh, Anni, I totally LOVE that font! I have it, too.

I adore it, Vidia! I discovered it a couple of years ago and it's my most used font!

I have really enjoyed Cac Champagne. It's not too plain, and not too elegant.


Enjoyed seeing what others are liking. Helps me to find new fonts that I didn't know existed. I do LOVE fonts! smiley

There is more than one way to install fonts into Windows 7 without Windows having to load all those fonts on startup. Windows 7 allows you to install fonts as shortcuts without them actually being in the C:\Windows\Font folder. Only their shortcuts are there.

Open Control Panel from the Start Menu, select Fonts. Click on FONTS in the left column. Under Installation Settings, make sure the box is checked that says "Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut (advanced)." You never have to mess with this again.

Create a folder in a separate location with all of your additional fonts in it. It doesn't have to be on C:\ drive where Windows is. Mine is on D:\ drive. Now you can right click on any font in this folder, or anywhere on your computer, and there is an option in the right click context menu that says "Install As Shortcut." When you open your Font folder under Control Panel, or under C:\Windows\Fonts, you will now see those fonts with the little shortcut arrow in the lower left hand corner. Be very sure that you don't move your extra FONTS folder or you will break all of your shortcuts.

This Microsoft site tells you how to configure Windows 7 to allow you to install a font as a shortcut, but not how to actually intsall one as a shortcut.

This site explains it a little better:

Hope this helps someone!

My fave FREE font is probably Great Vibes. My fave PTU font is probably SNF Ambrosia Bold.