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Oooooohhhh, I really like that Great Vibes, Rachel! Thanks for the link.

Yup...it's gorgeous, isn't it?

Bleeding Cowboys

I'm a big fan of fonts that copy historic handwriting like Jane Austen and Jeffersonian but lately I've used a lot of different Art Deco styles too.

Thank you for the advice on installing/not installing all those lovely fonts I snag at Hungry jpeg and Fonts Cafe. My favorites seem to be the grungier ones like Marisa. I love Butch but I also love El Capitan & Black Betty.

Since we are talking about fonts, someone emailed this graphic to me a while back asking if I knew what font it was. I do not, but would LOVE to know what it is. Does anyone recognize it???


great thread!

it's an old one, but dk carte blanch

There are a few I use the most
Talking to the Moon
Halo Handletter

Can't choose just one but when I really need an nice cursive I always go with Internation Palms.

This is a dangerous thread for me LOL
As a creator of graphics I already have over 1500 fonts. (No joke!)
Someone recently shared this lovely font with me: Blacksword

wow so many new fonts in my list! well i like script fonts mostly. the latest font that i m in love with is Lavanderia smiley

This is a really old thread...but it got me thinking about my "go-to" fonts. I constantly using Amatic and for a script, I'm currently obsessed with bromello

I know the original post is a bit old but I too love the Lobster font!

I use Google Fonts for finding new ones.

Also there's a great website that's like a visual map of font styles you can explore: http://fontmap.ideo.com/

Agree. I love Font Squirrel.

What does everyone use to manage all those fonts? I finally ponied up for Suitcase Fusion but I can't say that it has made my font life that much easier. And currently my favorite font seems to be Sweetpea, free and CU also.

Now that you have all tempted me, I'm spending the morning downloading new fonts! Thanks for the ideas!!!

I have thousands of fonts. I can't choose one in particular, but I do prefer script fonts or thick fonts. I'm also learning how to make my own fonts. I just made one that I can use as a border for my designs. It's a new addiction in the making!

smiley smiley smiley ...I too grabbed Eraser Dust & Milk & Cereal!!!

This is a great tip,...thank you Cat! I almost always install each & every font that I download!!!...& delete them after installing...I'm afraid that I will not have access to the fonts I've installed if I uninstall the non-system fonts...so I guess I'm stuck with slow-working programmes... smiley

About my sultry photo, it's a work in progress.

I recently discovered The Hungry JPEG. They have $1 deals (including tons of fonts). Some of my favorite fonts were designed by Byuly Ayika. Ghisella is one of my favorites.

I love typewriter fonts... my favourite is Remington Noiseless

I love to use A typewriter for me as my font to go.

I have too many favorites to list them all. It depends on what I'm working on. I like really clean modern fonts, grungy fonts, and also clean handwritten fonts. DK Yellow Lemon Sun has been one I've been using an lot lately.

I'm a font snob. smiley

I love almost all fonts by Hoefler & Co. Favorite must be Archer.

I love any clean, sans serif font.

Oh that's a cute one!

I have been using Baskerville lately, but I am loving going through everyone else's suggestions!

At the moment, I am completely obsessed with Brisk Wondering.

I use 1942 Report and John Lennon for journaling. 1942 also makes nice grungy titles. If I need cursive I've grown partial to Arlisa Script and Australian Script.

Dangerous thread for me to find!!! Far too many fav fonts. One I love is Dulcelin - https://www.dafont.com/dulcelin.font