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I love certain kind of script fonts. My favorites are Soymilk and Arsenale.

I have a font addiction do I know I will be looking this thread over. I am using the font Esteh from dafont quite often lately.

I've been on a brushwork script kick recently so actually have purchased a few fonts from Nicky Laatz that I love!

Handlettering fonts! smiley I don't really use them in my own layouts, more in my designs probably, but I do love them. Autumn in November is a good one, just like Better Together, Bromello, October Twilight, and as a Dutch girl, I really like the font Amsterdam too. But also big bold fonts are fun to use.

I can't find the post now, but whomever suggested dafont.com was wonderful. I am such a novice, I just downloaded my first ever True Type Font and it worked. Thanks.

I love DJB Fan Girl, it's my most-used hand-lettered font. I also love big swirly fonts that are good for WA or titles.

Thanks Cat for the tip, I have all my fonts downloaded...LOL I guess it is time to google system fonts and clean it out. I do have Fontviewer, just never really used it.

After reading this topic I of course went wild on downloading more fonts smiley