Favourite vacation location?

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Favourite vacation location?

It's a tough question, but in this miserable January weather, I've been reminiscing about sunnier climes. I would probably have to pick the Greek islands I visited back in 2006. Such a beautiful region. One of my favourite moments was when we sat on the beach and watched the sunrise over the mountains, little fishing boats out at sea.

So, where's your favourite vacation location? Or where would you like to go?

I haven't vacationed anywhere outside the US but I lived off the coast of North Carolina for a year and a half and I've been dreaming of it lately! Even though they're currently experiencing the nasty cold temps the rest of us are feeling, I still would rather be in Jacksonville where it's 49 vs being in NH where it's 20, LOL!

My favorite vacation spot is a lake side cabin in the dead of winter. Somewhere that I can cozy up next to a fireplace and read or knit or simply just look out at the snow and the lake.

New Zealand!!! but my usual vacation dream is Disney World.

I currently have 2 fave spots, both residing in the Carolinas.
1: Edisto Island, NC - This is where my husband and I got engaged. So small, we rented bikes for the duration of our stay and rode everywhere. We fell in love. Only one grocery store (a Piggly Wiggly!) and a gas station. And the locals were so friendly! My kinda place.

& 2: Outer Banks, SC - This was our honeymoon (haha!) and we loved it. Great food, great people, great architecture & design. Again, my kinda place.

We went to Edisto during March, and OBX during October and still had a blast.. maybe next time we can actually plan a trip during the summer, lol.

The beach. Doesn't matter where. I need to hear the waves and feel the sand between my toes asap!

I love love love the Blackhills, my husband and I always joke about jumping in the car and driving all night to hang out there for a weekend!

My favorite places (that I've been to) are: Maui, Prince Edward Island, Old Quebec, Montreal, Cape Cod, and Holden Island (in North Carolina). I haven't been to Europe yet, but that's on my wish list (esp. to do some genealogy research in the part of Italy that used to be Austria). I don't know if I'll ever make it there (because of my health issues), but if I do I hope to meet up with some friends from the Netherlands.

My favorite vacation spot is Virginia Beach. Whenever we go it is usually very quiet during the week. The weekends are a little busy but that's ok. I love the idea that I can just hang out on the beach and not have to go out and do the tourism thing. I am hoping ((keeping my fingers crossed)) that we will be able to go this year. smiley

Living in Florida year round is like an endless vacation, but visiting other places that are as tropical would be wonderful. I love Puerto Rico and The Bahamas!

So my favorite vacation spot is anywhere as long as it includes cruising. We've cruised both the East and West coasts but since 9/11 and pilots being drunk we are pretty much West coast cruisers and I don't think I will ever see overseas smiley. Either way, I really cannot choose which I like best .... I love cruising to Alaska and Hawaii! Only requirement is that it be a cruise of at least 10 days long, and the more "at sea" time the better!

Anywhere as long as my family is with me so we get to enjoy it together.

My 2 fav vacation spots are Hogsback and Port Elizabeth. They both in the Eastern Cape in South Africa so they only about an hour (Hogsback) and 3.5 hours (PE) away from home. Some of the post have been about really exotic locations but my motion sickness doesn't agree with me. LOL

I want to go everywhere! I am tentatively planning a trip for us to Spain and Potugal in two years. In the meantime we do short trips that are closer to home. If I had to pick only one place, it would be someplace with history, character and a beach!!

I went to New York at the end of November 2011. That was amazing! But otherwise I love to go to warm places like Greece or Turkey. But this year I think we'll have to stay closer to home, money is a bit tight. But it'll be good smiley we'll make it work.

Hard question, Canada is so beautiful but I think Prince Edward Island would be my pick. I cried when we had to leave the Island ... didn't want to go

My favorite place in the world is New Zealand. I miss living there every day.
My family vacationed at Cape Hatteras a lot growing up, I wouldn't mind a weekend away there again.

I haven't been to many places, I live in missouri and have only been to a couple states N and W of me. Colorado Mountains are probably my favorite place so far. When I see the Ocean I'm about 100% that will change LOL.

@Heather: Glad to hear I´m not the only one who almost-never-travels. I only know two states of my country - and I don´t know them very well. I usually stay at our very own place during vacations: Just take time to visit parks, museums and so on.

We never traveled when growing up my dad said he's been everywhere and didn't care to see anything again. My Fiance has been to many places and I'm so glad he likes to do a little bit of traveling. My first trip to the mounts. I just couldn't contain my excitement. I mean I was like a little kid going to Disney Land for the first time. I had never seen anything but a big hill and seeing and going up it was like a dream come true. lol. There are a lot of places in my state I have never been and a lot of people can't believe it.

My favorite places so far are the fjords of Norway for relaxing and hiking. I loved kayaking on lake Baykal in Siberia and strolling around amazing temple areas in Kyoto. I would love to go to Kamchatka to climb the amazing volcanos but it's extremely expensive. And like Lizanne I would like to go to Canada to Prince Edward Island.

I flew to America in 2001, we went to Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, and i loved (still love) New Orleans, but since then i'm scared of flying so 2 years ago we went to Croatia by bus, and i'm hooked to Rovinj. So this year we go back to that place, but we also go to the United Kingdom with the Oasis of the seas. Only one night because he sails to the carribian but still......i'm looking forward to it.

definitely Hawaii, I've only been there once so far and I can't wait to go back and explore a different island. smiley

We do not get to vacation much, but we do explore close to home. We are originally from Oklahoma and Kansas and moved to Kentucky about a year ago. So we are getting to know this part of the country more. I was born in Germany and plan to one day go back as I do not remember a thing.

So far our favorite vacation spot is in Tennessee at the Smokey Mountains National Park. It's so beautiful there and we love to just get out and explore.

Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA.....both the same and totally different. Love 'em both.

One of my favorite places is Lancaster, Pa. Amish country at it's finest. Beautiful area with lots , and lots of shops to visit. I also love going to the Sight-Sound theater there to watch amazing shows.

We moved to Kentucky from Nebraska 7 years ago and we love to explore all of Appalachia, as well as the many cave systems here. But away from home, our favorite places so far are San Diego, CA and the Smokey Mountains National Park between TN and NC. Oh, and we love New Orleans and Southern Louisiana. And the area around Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. And Grand Canyon National Park in AZ. And the plaza in Albuquerque, NM. Oh my! There is so much to see, I can't pick a favorite! Time for another road trip!

The best place I have been to so far, is Montreal Canada..it was a bit chilly but so pretty

For Sunny climate how about the caribbean? Aruba, San Andres, Curazao, etc. Or Colombia!!! ... I love NY but its really cold in january!

I love visiting zoos because my 4 year olds love animals. But 10 years ago, I visited the castles of the Loire (in France) and it was the best vacation I spent.
Besides, I do not live very far away, I'm 20km of it that I've been 2 times.

Otherwise, if I had to make a trip abroad, it would visit the ruins of Greece.