Favourite vacation location?

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That is so pretty!!

I love anywhere cold. I have never been outside the U.S, but I would love to visit Canada. I would love to go to Greece, but I am scared of planes/boats and don't know if I'll ever get on one, haha.

Any were that is warm would love to go to key west

More recently we have the museum card and thus we can go to museums that are normally quite expensive and that for a whole year, you have that too?

Aruba is probably my favorite because I married an Arubian, so it's almost "home away from home" when we go to visit the family. We've also been to Italy, England, France, The Netherlands, and Peru. It's time to visit places here in the good ol' USA though!


I have so many favorite places for different reasons. smiley

Like for Southern charm: I love Savannah & Charleston
For the Beaches: I love the East coast most for swimming, but south TX and FL are nice, too. CA beaches are nice more for the views.
For the Mountains: I love places like TN, MT, WY, AZ and Canada!!!
For the Flatlands: I love TX, NE, and most of the Midwest (Ie: KS, MO, SD)
For the Big City life: I love NY, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, San Diego
For the Snow Skiing: ME, NH, VT

Most of my places are in the US because I haven't been out of the states too much... which I'm sure once that starts, my favs would change a bit. smiley

Northern Alabama for me... love to visit with my family.

so I commented on this when it was originally posted and my answer at the time had been North Carolina. Having driven across the US since then I can say that California definitely takes my number one spot these days. I could have very easily never come home from Cali lol smiley

Hmm, that is a difficult question... I grew up on the Isle of Wight (UK), and had a fabulous childhood spending alot of time at the beach - especially Whitecliff Bay. I have so many happy memories there it really is my favourite place to be. x

I love Minneapolis in mid-autumn, but I really want to vacation in the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands. That'll be easier once I can relocate, but that's going to be a while.

we don't really take vacations but its nice to get out to the lake on a warm summer day

Everything @Shawna said! The US has such a variety of landscapes and cultures!

I would add that the Smokey Mountains are my favorite mountain spot. I have 2 favorite beaches, Coronado Island off the coast of San Diego and Dauphin Island off the coast of Alabama.

I loved the time I spent in Morocco in 2006, and my time in Belize in 2009. I would love to visit both again. Closer to home, I only have to drive less than an hour to be at any number of remote, pristine Canadian lakes, so we do that each summer. My travel to-do list is far too long to type out smiley

Yellowstone National Park... it's beautiful every time we go.

Las Vegas any day

My favorite place to be is in British Columbia, Canada or somewhere in southeast Alaska. Maybe even Seattle, Washington. I love the weather over there and how green everything always is. Also, I am in love with winter, cold weather and rain/snow. I've never been one for heat or sun.

Sardinia, my homeland ... always.
I love to live in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is beautiful !! But always like to go back where I was born.

Via Roma, main street of my village - Tissi, Sassari, Sardegna, Italia

Spiaggia La Pelosa, Stintino, Sassari, Sardegna, Italia - for me the most beautiful place I've ever been

Long vacation: Italy, France and Switzerland
Short holidays: mostly we go to a city so Rome ( smiley ); Berlin ( smiley ) etc. Last year we didn't go to a city but we went to the Cotswolds in England. That was lovely...so this year we go again!!

Wales and Cornwall - breathtaking landscapes full of contrast, beautiful gardens, amazing churches and castles, legends of King Arthur, dragons and magicians...
The weather can be quite temperamental, but we don't care!