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This all may sound silly but... FINALLY! Everything aligned for me tonight to get an actual page done. Woo!!
My homework was a breeze tonight and was done early.
My daughter went to bed tonight with minimal fighting.
And I was able to finally get my wrapped around a concept enough to complete a simple page.

It is only a simple page but I'm still happy that I got something done for a change. For the last week or two I've been missing the creative sight and every time I tried to put something together, I would get distracted by someone or something and lose my train of creativity. But not tonight. smiley

And with that, I'll say good night!


Yay! Glad you could do it smiley Now keep going!

congratulations! may you have many more of those moments this coming year and complete an album before you know it. smiley
when you get a chance if you feel comfortable, we'd love for you to share it with us! smiley

Congratulations!!! I´m still not able to finish my projects... If anyone finds my Mojo - please send it right back to me!!!

So far that's been the only page I've been able to do.. Homework is taking up all of my time. You'll find your mojo soon. smiley