FYI - Vulnerability in Internet Explorer (Could Allow Remote Code Execution - affects IE versions 6 thru 11)

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FYI - Vulnerability in Internet Explorer (Could Allow Remote Code Execution - affects IE versions 6 thru 11)

In case not everyone has heard about this, I thought I'd post info. about this vulnerability... It's a pretty serious one & it could allow hackers to take over your computer & install software and delete files from your computer from what I understand.

Read Microsoft's Security Advisory on Vulnerability in Internet Explorer here:

For now…..

Don’t use IE (Internet Explorer) whatsoever. Use an alternate browser such as Mozilla Firefox.
If you do not have an alternate browser, Firefox is available here:
To learn more about Firefox, how to set it up & use it go here:
Browser add-ons are available here:

Update Adobe Flash Player. Apparently this vulnerability has something to do with IE & Flash.
Adobe released an update for Flash today – it’s version If you are not on this version, grab the update & update manually. Make sure you uncheck any boxes asking if you'd like to install a toolbar or software of any kind (including McAfee). smiley

Keep an eye out for any updates from Microsoft… They are currently working on this & the only patches that have been released so far are for Win 8 & Windows Servers.

Note: If your operating system is Win XP, consider moving to a newer computer with Windows 7 or 8 -OR- buy an upgrade & upgrade to Win 7 or 8. Microsoft will not be creating a patch for Win XP… They made the decision to stop supporting Win XP a couple years ago & that went into effect April 8th.

Canada's Federal government came out with a warning last night about this .... that is how imperative it is that you DO NOT use EI right now ... especially if you are still using the old XP ... which is now not supported by Microsoft either as Lizanne has stated .... I know for some it may seem unreal that someone can actually take over your computer but the software has been out there for years ... Dell used it for repairing virus infected computers, not sure if they still do. Not only will they install and delete they will have access to every password you use, every credit card number, every bank account etc etc ... anything you have on your computer can be captured.....please play safe smiley

Thanks so much Lizanne for sharing this info.

I haven't used IE in years, just because of this type of problem. Even with good virus protection,
I lost a hard drive due to a horrible trojan that ended up on my computer via IE. Now I only use
firefox and chrome.

@Kathie: Your welcome! I know what you mean - I haven't used IE in years for that very reason. Hackers seem to go after anything Windows...

@Susan: Glad Canada came out with a warning, too. I sent this info. off to friends in Canada as well yesterday - and none of them had heard about it yet, which is why I posted it here. smiley Did you notice that Microsoft actually published the Advisory about this on 4/26 (Sat.), yet no one got wind of it until Monday morning? I would've preferred that the media reported this a lot sooner so people could adequately protect themselves. A lot of damage can be done in 48 hours...

I watched the news earlier this evening and from the sounds of it...this is a bad one.

They said this is going after mostly banking and credit card information. So many people
have that info on their computers...especially because it makes it easier to pay bills that
way now. Microsoft doesn't have a fix for it yet and they said they didn't know when they
would have one figured out and ready to download.

Thanks again Lizanne...this is info Everyone needs to have.

Pretty scary, eh? It probably wouldn't hurt to change banking & credit card passwords using a virtual keyboard.