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I do not play them games closest I get to games is Yoville on fb and now they are closing it after I blew probably hundreds on that game I will never spend money on a game again I have seen to many come and go but Yoville closing in March is what hurts the most I loved decorating houses in it!

I love Sudoku online and solitaire, the harder the better ....anything that makes you use your brain to figure it out ... I can't do anything that uses arrows, keys, spacebars and you have to go fast .... I get dizzy, don't know why lol ... the bigger on line games I leave to my youngest son and his wife ... he has a special mouse with all sorts of bells and whistles that he uses for them that defeats me when I just want to use it normally.

I really enjoy watching people play! The Lego games are by far my favorite. But I cannot play worth a darn. My sister tried to get me to play WoW with her. I literally ran around in circles and almost got killed by rats. My sister just about died from laughing. I'm a freakin' NOOB. But I could sit and watch you play, all day, and be having the time of my life. I'm a vicarious player, I guess.
My kids bought me the Lego Lord of the Rings game for my birthday, and I made a rule that they can't progress in the game farther than my game is (I play with my hubby). I've had that game for over a year, and we're still not in Moria. ROFL

Heidi, say it ain't so! That sucks! Yoville was one of the first games I played on social media. I was so excited when i got my pumpkin house! And I love my trashy trailer. *sigh* I eventually moved on to Farmville, then rather a lot of other Zynga games, but I did love Farmville. I know what you mean about spending the money, and having nothing to show for it, though. I finally quit all the games cold turkey, because I was like an addict... "just one more Premium animal, it's only five bucks"... aaahhhhh!

Julie, I'm horrible at video games. So I gladly just watch, as long as it has a good story!

@Julie: YES Lego games!!!!! We used to REALLY play them, when we homeschooled, basically because we loved how they were very friendly for a second player to jump in and then jump out, or 1st player jump really was great! LOTR & Star Wars, Indiana Jones games on them in Legos!!!! I've been upset that the PlayStations are backwards compatible with several of the games, as we had to fix out PS2 just so that we could continue to play some of them. Son did buy a PS3 eventually! Narnia games...

One of the best Video console games that we purchased and PLAYED and PLAYED and PLAYED was one that we passed on a couple of times, and then got brave enough to buy. It was a LOTR game, but the characters were not the main characters...there was a man, and elf...etc. Can't find it now, hopefully it's with the PS2 and my daughter up on campus. Can't remember the name of it, but it was great. You built up your character skills and equipment. It was strategy based, but not speed based. When in a fight you plotted out an attack and then watched that attack and the counter attack play out. So it wasn't just a game that you could beat once or twice and then be bored with because you solved the game. So it was one that we played again and again. And we all thought back to how we passed on it several times, but were ALL very, very glad we purchased it!

PC game that had all of us on, was the LOTR Battle for Middle Earth and it's extension Rise of the Witch King! Sometimes we would be able to network the computers and play together! We originally had the first game, and found the extension at our local library, and had to search and search to find a store that would order it for us. Finally we did and it was only $10 bucks! Well worth it!

Also loved the puzzle/mind challenges, PC games Zoombinis, or Star Wars Pit Droids.

I'm sure there were others, that I'm just missing at this moment, but I'm truly having fun using Gimp and Inkscape at the moment, as my release!

Geek over here. smiley

I started out in EverQuest after Kunark, and then played FFXI, EQ2, Vanguard, WoW, LotRO, Aion, FFIV, and probably a few more. I just started playing Sims 3 and Sims Medieval again. I've also been known to jump into a D&D campaign on occasion if I happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I really want to start doing Ren Faires and Steampunk festivals.

My sister may be having her wedding at a Ten faire this year! We are pretty geeky. We larp.

My best friend and I are planning on attending one late this summer. Probably not costumed at this point, but that will come later smiley Her hubby is a wood worker and she is trying to talk him into vending.

I am a huge nerd! smiley I've been playing games since Pong back in the 70's. I love all the Zelda games. I miss playing Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing on the Wii because I just haven't had the time to play in awhile. I tried WoW and loved it, but never had anyone to play with. I played Puzzle Pirates for several years, but all of my friends quit playing. We had so much fun back in the days. Lol!

I live, love and breathe Skyrim, I have since it was released. I also play pokemon (love X and Y) and Red Dead Redemption. I refuse to play games that have other people in them, because 1) I'm a control freak and people mess with my plans, and 2) I game to escape people.
I have played the sims since the original was released, but lost interest when the 3rd generation was released.

My partner says I'm playing Skyrim too much when I'm ducking from shadows IRL in case they are dragons! And that *does* happen!

Can you believe the only thing I play is solitaire? Yep If I want to get adventurous I also play Spider Solitaire. smiley

I LOVE WoW, but I don't have time to play it right now, with my toddler and trying to run my Etsy shop, and create things! lol

I like RPGs and LARP but I wasn't on a LARP for some years now... My husband is not the Live Action Gamer and I am getting sick if I am too long away from him smiley I miss the pen&paper group and the nights full of fun.

We have a PS3 and a PS4 at home and my husband is now a fan of games with some more story, so there is hope...

I always thought LARPing would be really fun. I love the Renaissance festivals!

Wooot! I love seeing a few Zelda fans here smiley
My entire family plays. My son plays Achaia on the computer and League of Legends, Call of Duty, Skyrim and Pokemon (all of them? lol)
My husband plays Halo (has all of them lol), Splinter Cell and some game he plays with his friend
My daugher plays a lot of Wii games
I play have played a lot in the past, mostly Zelda and Mario, which I have every game! lol Now I play the Hidden Object Games on the PC through BigFish and CandyCrush on FB. lol Seems my reflexes aren't what they used to be so I watch them play and have gotten into games that require head skill instead of hand skill smiley

It's awesome to see so many gamers in the community! I play LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) - been playing this for 4 years now. I played WoW for a couple of years. Hubby is into League of Legends and Dota2 (I can't figure those out!). When I was still in Canada I used to play Call of Duty and Dragon Age (I miss that game). I also play Oblivion on my PC. I just love getting lost in the lore. Speaking of which, I would love to LARP one day, though, while I'm in Mexico, I don't know if they even know what that is down here.. I'll just have to wait and see... but one day, yes, one day!! smiley

spyro the dragon! and vice city! (Grand theft auto) ...addicted! Online I used to play Runes of magic but got sooooo bored and fed up with the daily grind that I stopped now

I like to play Criminal Case on FB...and I sometimes play Wii with the kiddos.

I do not like to play even when I was little

I am a huge gamer, and have been since I was very young. I don't really play modern games, because I feel they are horrible compared to older games. I personally love Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PlayStation One/Two. I played all sorts of RPGs with in-depth stories, and I still continue to play them over and over. Modern games have wonderful graphics, but they generally lack challenge, story line, etc, that older games perfected.

I guess I'm a weenie game player since my game of choice is Farmville2. Used to play others, but gave them all up for FV2.


I have never been but I would so be game if I ever met anyone that goes I would love the opportunity to step outside the box and do something unique like that!

Oh boy, so nice to know there are lots of gamers on here (especially you WoW players - Lok'Tar Ogar!).

I play a lot of video games, mainly on Steam but I also play (or used to play) a lot of MMORPGs. I haven't actually played World of Warcraft in about a year, partly due to bad guilds and the unfortunate lack of decent male players (you ladies all know what I'm talking about). Other than that, I also play a lot of Horror games - I love horror movies and thriller novels, so it's only natural I love a good scary game! I'm currently struggling through Dementium II, and prior to that I was playing through Cry of Fear and Alan Wake.
Apart from the horror games though, I also play a lot of more 'cutesy' games that are typically marketed toward the female gamer. Things like Cooking Mama (oh boy do I love me some Cooking Mama!), Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, though the latter is equally marketed to male and female gamers due to the RPG elements involved. And naturally, I love Pokemon as well - I actually have a huge plushie Meowth (my favourite!) in my room who sits on my futon... in between my giant Grumpy (Disney's Snow White) and pillow-pal Dora the Explorer. Yeah, I never really grew up; my collection of Monster High dolls can attest to that one.

Not that I feel like any of you will judge me, but in my defence of playing Pokemon; I may be 25, but my brother is 29 this month and we split each generation's games between ourselves and compete to finish the game first. He pretty much always wins that one, but I'm usually the first to get a level 100 Pokemon. Plus, every generation we have 'Trade Day' - a day where we trade version specific Pokemon as well as egg babies of our starters. My brother also won the Shiny Race this generation. So for as 'childish' as the game may seem, it provides a really fun way to spend time with my brother, and we're always excited to see the next generation.

Great games for stress relief.
The site is currently down as it is moving host and will be down for a few days smiley

My new game....


It's an app, but there is a way for those without smart phones or windows 8 to play, but I'll have to look that up.

A puzzle game that my son's High School friends were playing. They suggested it to him, but they also said it was addictive. So he didn't start playing it until after graduation and when we were visiting sick relatives this summer. He got me started on it, and it is a change of pace for me, stress reliever, like of like the sudoku.

I played WoW for three years many years ago and loved it. Now I play the Sims 2. I would love to do LARPing! I've been trying to convince my husband for years.

I played WoW in the beginning, Star Wars Galaxies for years, and then a few years ago I got into a different one called Conquer, but it consumed me so I stopped playing. The only online games I play now are Gamepoint Bingo and Angry Birds on Google Chrome. But, I still break out my original Nintendo and will sometimes hijack my son's PlayStation (He uses Xbox more often anyway.) to play The Force Unleashed and Tekken.

Kerry, where are you located at? I could see what's good in your area.

I looove games. Thanks to my mom, mostly. Haha. I remember watching her play Mario for hours and how she beat the original Final Fantasy and The Adventures of Lolo. Puzzle games rock!

Currently, I can play Minecraft for days and days and obsess about it and then I stop playing for months and have to restart worlds so I never really get anything done in that game. But I love the graphics [hahaha, I know...] and I love any game that allows me to collect a bunch of stuff. And that is perfect for that. Another modern type game I like is 'Devil May Cry' [the new one by Ninja Theory], 45% because of the awesome soundtrack.

Recently, I've gotten big into a vintage games kick and have been playing my way through one of my favorite games ever 'Banjo Kazooie', about to go into the other room and beat the Egyptian level. smiley Also, I could probably beat most people at Dr. Mario. Love 'Bust-a-Move', all 'Donkey Kong Countries' and 'Pieces', the jigsaw puzzle game for SNES. I also really love 'Tetrisphere' for N64 [such a cool rework of a classic] and Space Invaders. And SimThemePark on my computer. I think I've finally figured out how to make it work on my Windows 8 machine. I hate when things aren't compatible anymore. Sucks. I used to play 'Babyz' and 'Petz' [anyone who plays Neopets or Sims should try those out. They are cute and fun and... yeah]. Also, any time management game such as 'Burger Shop 1&2' or 'Party Planner' will have me hooked until I can beat them with a perfect score...

As for my phone games, I'm hopelessly addicted to 'Einstein's Logic', 'Logic Blocks' and 'Tangrams'. I also like 'Tiny Tower', 'Game Dev Story', and 'Disco Zoo'. I think I really just love 8-bit graphics. So aesthetically pleasing. smiley