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I love all these gamer girls here!!! I've loved video games for a long time, and my love spans many consoles.
The core of it all, though, is the Legend of Zelda. My husband and I have bonded over this franchise and each new release is enjoyed together. Some couples go on picnics, we order sushi and play Zelda, I'm not ashamed in the least. Actually, if you look at my profile pic, you can see I'm wearing my daughter in a woven wrap with silhouettes of Link, Zelda, and Epona. Reallllllyyyyy looking forward to the newest addition to the games in March!!

I don't LARP but my little sis (I call her little sis, but she's a year younger) does LARPing. My boyfriend and I are involved in a D&D campaign right now though. If only we could get our people together more often though but life comes up. Last we left off, my human ranger boyfriend was doing well and saving our group, erstwhile my elf fighter character was on the ground badly injured and out for what seems like several turns. I would really like to get the group together and find a way to no longer be on the ground half-dead. (those who have done d&d, you know what it is I speak of. curiously I also rolled very high on negotiations trying to negotiate with this half-elf we ended up fighting who walloped me on the ground into the state my character is currently in, curiously the DM says that my high negotiation score will factor into the result, but we'll see).

I'm not too much of a video gamer. I do play final fantasy games (beaten 7,8, 1, 3, and 7:crisis core, but working on 2 and 10), but my fine coordination limits me when it comes to the ones with ATB (also, the ones where characters have fighting or limit breaks that all involve button mashing--hence when I played FF8, my Zell was so weak that he laid on the ground dead for 90% of the final boss battle... I joke that he only showed up for the hot dogs). I grew up playing some computer games on the old macs (such as myst, and oregon and amazon trails), but most of the games that i'm skilled at are in the puzzle category (anything from tetris to collapse, to dr. mario-- especially the brain age "virus buster" ripoff, to moving video puzzles, to klotski/daughter-in-the-box type slider puzzles).

I also love old gamecube animal crossing (I have 2 towns that I've had for 12 years, one of them is a 3 level town. I also played a lot of wild world on ds, and boyfriend recently bought the 3ds new leaf one, but I'm afraid if I start now, it'll be an addiction I'll have trouble with stopping).

I'm terrible at console, basically I can't do anything past Gamecube. And I will play Animal Crossing like crazy!

I was a gamer some years ago. We're played Ragnarok back then, next was Lineage (both are MMORPG's). Now I'm trying to become a game developer smiley I'm capable of finishing simple games, so I made a few already.
An idea crossed my mind recently: what if I would try to make a game involving scrapbooking-style visual theme? So I made the post here wondering about that idea c:
There is a great and friendly community here by the way. I hope to become a part of it someday smiley

I video game, though I haven't in forever. World of Warcraft and Sims are too addictive for me. I do still enjoy donkey kong and zelda on my WII.

I am into the PC time management games. I do several online and have purchased some to have offline in the event of internet troubles smiley

My husband and I are both HUGE gamers. We have MOST of the consoles that have been released, though haven't gotten around to getting the "Modern" ones (PS4, Xbox1). Gaming started for me way back when my parents brought home the VIC 20. We still own that and a TV that will actually run it, it is fun to pull it out and play some pong every once in a blue moon. Most of our "date nights" are us gaming together. We are about to start a D&D campaign with his family which we are both hugely looking foward to. smiley