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Instead of hijacking the introduction thread, I thought I'd chat a little here about geocacheing.

I haven't actually done it, I've only heard about it, but I'd really like to get some sort of GPS and have some geocacheing adventures? Is anyone here involved? Do you have stories to share? What GPS do you use?

I haven't actually done it yet but I'd really love to! One of my friends in high school got really into it a few years ago and she loves it. She told me she uses a regular TomTom GPS set up for walking times/directions. I think once I get back to NH and I'm settled back in I'll probably try it out this summer and I'll definitely let you know how it goes.

I love to geocache - I started with my dad in 2004. My husband just started this year. It is a great way to get out and maybe go down a trail that you haven't been down before or to see something or some where that you may have over looked. I have lots of beautiful pictures that I took while out geocaching. Oregon is WONDERFUL for geocaching which is great for you since you are moving there smiley.

You CAN use an app for a gps enabled phone or a regular car GPS as Sharilynn mentioned but I would STRONGLY recommend getting a handheld gps device. Simply put they just work better than the other options for geocaching. My husband bought a Magellan eXplorist 310 - it is alright - to be honest Magellan's support really sucks. My dad uses a Garmin Oregon and I have my dad's old gps a Garmin Colorado. When we started back in 2004 my dad and I had a Garmin etrex. I like the way the Garmins work over the way my husbands Magellan works but it really is just a personal preference.

My geocaching name is pez84 for anyone who wants to check it out I do post pictures on there sometimes smiley

I thought it was quite funny that you had started this thread because I just finished logging our geocaching finds from the weekend before I came to catch up on pixelscrapper smiley

Thanks for the advice! I'm hoping to get set up soon. It sounds like so much fun.

I love geocaching. But i don't use a GPS device, i use my cell phone with the app and it works fine for me. If you have lots of time and love to hike, you can search for a cache where you can make a nice walk, or if you don't have much time, you can search for the easy to pick up caches, there's a lot of different caches!

Many of the geocaches that I have found (and that have turned out to be favorites of mine) were where there was no cell phone or internet coverage. This isn't a problem if you have a true gps enabled phone (the gps is some phones only works where you have cell phone coverage - meaning if you don't have service your map won't stay updated on your location). If you NEVER plan to go geocaching where you can't be connected then a gps enabled phone or a tablet with an internet connection will work just fine.

Much of how you cache is personal preference.

I've been geocaching for years! Love it! One of your best resources for caches in your area is You can find tons of caches in your area just by typing in your zip code and doing a quick search. I use a Garmin 855 in my truck to get me near the cache and then use my handheld Etrex to home in on it. It's great fun and great exercise. I personally have placed several caches and "travel bugs" for others to find. Check out alexan44 at the site and you can get an idea of the kinds of things that I place in caches and meet my 4 travelers that are journeying around the country. If you love adventure you're gonna love geocaching! smiley

Geochache is fun, but you know the newest craze is MUNZEE. Check it out!

Looks fun!

@ Cheryl Thanks, never heard of it but i think it's fun!

I declared to Jordan that for my birthday I wanted to be able to geocache, and made him figure out the best way for me to do that smiley. He decided based on our other immediate needs, to get me a "smarter" phone than we had been planning on. So I'm looking forward to using that soon to find some treasures!

We found our first one last night! Yesterday, on a photo forum I follow, a guy mentioned geocaching and I did some research online (at work while I was supposed to be WORKING <wink>) and took off with my son on our own little "treasure hunt" after we got home. We found a nice sized cache just a few miles from home with a special note and an awesome treasure. We left behind a bird picture he drew and a bird whistle for the next "hunter" to find. I think we may be hooked!!

My hubby, weirdly, isn´t as excited with geocaching as I am. Usually I am the hobbit who wanna stay at home and he wants to go in adventures smiley and, oh well, one of my cats made my tablet (yeah, the one my DH purchased some weeks ago...) fall from the bed and the power button isn´t working very well, so it will hold me back for some time.

I really want to geocache!!!!!!!! But I doubt we'll have any here, guess I'd have to be travelling overseas to give it a try - maybe leave an African souvenir behind as a treasure =D

You would probably be surprised at the number of geocaches even where you live Bianca. I believe that you live in South Africa and there are caches there just go here to see.

I had never heard of this!