Getting ready for the holidays!

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@Lizanne: Everyone should celebrate however they want at the holidays! My family always used to do weird stuff when I was younger, and we always had a good time.

Yesterday we finally put up the Christmas tree...

@Marisa: That tree looks gorgeous!

I still feel a little bit guilty about the cookie making thing, but I think part of the reason I avoid that is because I don't want to add to my waistline (& I have a hard time resisting a good cookie). smiley But we do have our traditions that we like to do... One of them is an Advent wreath (though I'm behind on that this year). We also have an Advent Calendar, make popcorn-cranberry garland for our tree (while watching Christmas movies!), and sometimes we make gingerbread cookie ornaments (heart-shaped or gingerbread men). One of my siameses used to nibble on the cookie ornaments while we were asleep each night (she passed away several years ago) - in the morning we'd awaken to gingerbread heads hanging from the tree! LOL Thank goodness the ornaments were real cookies & not those artificial ones or my poor kitty would've gotten terribly sick... We also have a birthday cake on Christmas Eve for Jesus (usually coconut) after we go to the candlelight service at church - the kids really like that.

Yesterday my husband's company held a gingerbread house making party for employees' kids... My youngest went & had a great time. I'll have to take a picture of the house he made & post it, though I have to warn you it's not exactly the prettiest house on the block! LOL

I love the thought of your cat nibbling off the ornaments!

It was pretty funny! I only wish I had taken a picture of it for posterity...

Speaking of taking pictures... the gingerbread house is a no go. My boys decided to devour it before we woke up this morning........very little left. smiley

I bake cookies with my students. And since most of them have ever ever baked anything in their lives, it's like baking with little children. It's fun to watch how excited they get, lol. (They're university students!)

@Lizanne: Seems like your boys are taking after the cats....

OMG, little gingerbread heads hanging on the tree!!! I love it.

@Marisa: You're right! LOL I never thought of it that way.... smiley

@Tiffany: Oh, it was a sight to see... Instead of being mad that all my hard work was destroyed, I found myself cracking up with laughter........and checking the tree every day to see how much more was gone! LOL

Unfortunately, I have done close to nothing to get ready for Christmas and ack!!! I just realized today that we are only 2 weeks away. Oh my!

I am boring...
I only have put a silk and plastic Christmas Poinsettia (red starlike plant)) above my fireplace and did some shopping for dilicious foods.
We have 2 days of Christmas in the Netherlands, and the first day I am alone with my cat.
The second day I am going to go to my sister and nieces (age 4 and 13).
Both of the days I will be grilling / baking little pieces of meat on a table grill (Gourmet) at dinnertime.
And a cube of cheese, a cracker with some tunasalad, etc. in the afternoon.

So I am not so busy with doing stuff for Christmas.
Unlike some people at the Forum...
What beautiful pictures of a cat, a decorated tree, tasty baked things... Wow!

The pictures make me long for the years I did decorate my house and made a feast of the Hollidays.
Maybe, just maybe I can tell you next year I've gone all out and have decorated almost every inch of my livingroom again.
Now it's to late to decorate, just 5 days to go...
Noop, this year I'm not going to do it anymore, lol!

Crazy busy day with last minute gift sewing to do - 6 pairs of pjs for the kids, an apron for my son, finish up two scarves, and possibly two skirts with matching doll skirts, if I have time. This I'll do before the kids get home and then after I'll finish making up treats for neighbors. smiley

@Lizanne I didn't do cookies with my kids when they were little and they turned out fine smiley

@Peggy - aww, thanks smiley

I am having a slightly unusual Christmas Time this year. Since I am getting ready to retire from my job in just a few short days (The 31st of December), and then relocating by flying down from Alaska to Oregon on January 8th - I am living in a hotel. We have sold our home here in Alaska, and transferred all of our household goods to Oregon where we are remodeling an older home on 6 acres, in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Blue Mountains.

In the hotel, we have a small tree sitting on our end table, and use Christmas cards we receive as decorations......So really, every day of my life feels like Christmas, because I am so excited and happy about EVERYTHING in my life! I love the magic of the season. Wishing you all the best of everything, in the new year.

Here is a picture of this years christmastree smiley (plastic since i live in a small apartment)

@Jessica: I love you red star curtains, too! smiley

Finished decorating the tree this morning, must take a photo.
My Christmas spirit has slightly waned, my son's cat has been missing for two days now smiley and I think I have broken my little toe smiley , it's black all over and extremely sore and soooo not looking forward to last minute grocery shopping tomorrow.

I so wanted to get into the Christmas spirit this year, but it just didn't happen. My son got sick, and then I got sick (i'm still in that getting over it phase on Christmas morning!) I pinned all these crafty projects and recipes I wanted to do since my son is now old enough to understand... just didn't happen smiley It was cool seeing everyone's projects and ideas! Hopefully next year!

Jessica your tree looks great and the curtains are awesome.