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Growing my Blog

Is anyone else trying to grow their blog? I am hoping my daily project from one of this month's challenges will help increase my blog followers. Are there any bloggers who want more followers? I'd be happy to help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to increase the number of people who visit? It sometimes seems like I'm writing only to myself. That's not necessarily a bad thing but I'd love to share my work with others. Here is the link to my blog with my Mermaid's Story. I'd love to have you visit!Misplaced Mermaid

Growing your blog is all about growing your community - that means reaching out with comments on other blogs and engaging those who comment on your blog. And of course let everyone know, tell your family and friends you are blogging, put your url on the bottom on your emails and that kind of thing Also tagging and keywording is important so Google can find you. If you have a distinct voice, are community minded, offer something of quality for readers, your blog will grow.

I do agree with Tina - One part of not being a solitary blogger is starting, yourself, pressing the "follow" button and commenting on the blogs you like, and which you identify yourself and your blog. A point to consider is that, even if you want more people on your blog, you can´t sound like if you´re begging people to go there. There are people here in Brazil that end all coments on blogs with a "please visit me back", and the url of his/her own blog. However, you can usually find his/her blog for yourself without it, and you´ll be curious enough to go there if the person posts cool coments on your blog or other´s blog.
Having the blog on your signature is also great! Grows interest on people you relate with.

Thank you for your feedback Lorien. I have been trying to reach out to other bloggers by following their blogs and leaving meaningful feedback. Maybe it just takes more time. I'm going to add my blog url to my signature though, too.

Thank you Tina. I haven't done much with tagging or keywords so I'll definitely try that. It seems like just putting myself out there and interacting with other bloggers is a good beginning.

hi, Lou Anne, you may also want to try joining a weekly link party. it puts people with common interests together, you visit each others blogs and after a while you get to "know" each other. also, i think followers want to get to know the person behind the works we post so i think it's also good to include some personal thoughts and stories. hope this helps!

The link party sounds cool. Perhaps we could have one here if people are interested? Can anyone point to a good one so I can get some details of how it's done?

There are a gazillion linky parties out there, search for linky tools, I personally am involved with many photography and mixed media ones on my blog (since I am doing a photo a day). I had a failed one, so I know how to set it up. What are you looking for, or what did you have in mind? Ones that I participate in are, Macro, Black and White, Scavenger Hunt, Photo Story, Mixed Media.

It does take time and outreach to grow your blog. Mine went from a mommy blog, to a personal interest blog, and now is mostly a photog blog, you have to find your niche and find like-minded people for it to be meaningful to you and to others.

Thanks Peggy. I hadn't heard of a link party but I'll check it out. I was a little disappointed in the blog hop I did for growing my blog. There were over 300 participants and I didn't add that many followers. On the positive side, the interests of the bloggers was really widely varied so I saw some great blogs, joined some, and met some interesting people. I guess that's the main idea.

Emily, your words are also encouraging. It does seem crucial to find like-minded people with interests that are in line with mine. I saw a wide range of things. I'd love to visit your blog if you give me the link.

Thanks. I'll check it out.

the link party i always join is What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday since it's very easy to join. just a picture of what your desk looks like, whatever projects are on it and that's it.

Thank you! I'll check it out.