Happy 4th of July to all you US girls!!

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Happy 4th of July to all you US girls!!

How will you celebrate? We are in Ecuador, so it's not a holiday here. We still try to celebrate with the family though. I put a few decorations in the dining room. We are planning on grilling hamburgers. Haven't totally decided what we are having with them. LOL!! We'll probably play games, and watch a movie... right now it's a toss up between "The Sand Lot" and "Independence Day". Maybe we'll do both. smiley

Have a great day everybody ..... don't let that hurricane on the Atlantic coast, barreling down on you 'dampen' your spirits this holiday smiley and stay safe

I hope you all are safe, had fun and that your pets haven´t got scared with fireworks.

Yesterday almost looked like an american 4th of July here, due to the worldcup game. Hubby didn´t go work, and there were lots of noisy people all around. Guess it´s the closest of 4th of July we´ll see till we go to US smiley