Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day

Hope all you mother have an awesome day today. Have a great day with your kids. smiley

I had a lovely day today....Got very spoilt, and its almost over. I reckon I will be able get one more hot drink out of DH before I go to bed!!! LOL smiley Hope all the other Mums have a lovely day too!

I haven't talked to my mother yet today. I'll call her on Skype in just a bit and spend some time chatting with her that way. She lives in a difference province, so I don't get to see her (except for Skype) that often.

Not a mom myself (unless you count the two wonderful dogs) but I do have a most wonderful mother! Got to chat with her for a while and wish her a happy day! Happy Mom's Day to all of you moms out there! smiley

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, stepmoms, soon-to-be's, old, young, grandmas, newbies, etc!

I am on the road, so I got some flowers messaged to me. Enjoy your day!

I stayed all day long in my hubby´mother´s house (Hubby´s mother in english is Mother in law, right?) and, in the evening, we went to my mother´s for a while, but the celebration on my mother´s will be on the next week, because my brother can only come next week.