Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Hey I will just assume you all are wearing green today so no pinches! smiley

The old saying Kiss me I'm Irish. On my mother's side.
This is also our 40th wedding anniversary. We had a lot of green in our wedding.

And Top O' the Mornin' (well evenin' here) to you too! I do love this holiday and all the festivity that goes along with it! smiley

We celebrated today by taking my son and my brother to the science center - they all had a blast! My daughter wore her shamrock shirt today but I forgot to wear my green dress today!

How did I miss this yesterday?! Anyhow.... we had a traditional dinner of corned beef & cabbage (and potatoes, turnips & carrots, of course smiley ), a bit of beer, and oatmeal squares for dessert (with melted chocolate topping). Mmm