Should the "heart this" button be changed to "like this"?

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Should the "heart this" button be changed to "like this"?

I am not sure where this would go in the forum (If you need to move ok) but when I look through the gallery and see layouts I love or if I download kits or assets I always try to remember to Heart this but when you look on the side doesn't hardly ever seem like anybody is doing this. Does everybody really know what it is for? Should it say Like this or Love this?

Heart this is like a Facebook "like" - with a twist - everything you like goes to a speciall gallery of your hearted contet - you can see yours here or clicking on your name on the black bar on top of the site, then choosing my profile, and, on the side bar, under your photo, the third option ("hearts") there, you can sort the content by kinds - to see only the layouts, or assets, or kits... And you can see other´s hearts this way too.

In fact, each person has a particular way of sorting its hearts - some people just heart whatever they like; some - that don´t have unlimited subscription - heart things they see on the site, want to download, but don´t have credits that day; and some are very picky - heart just what they think it´s fantastic!

I mostly heart the layouts I´d like to scraplift someday - and some layouts that I have a special feeling about. So, I´m picky :p

The first post of a topic in the forums also have a heart option: it´s used, on feature request forum to see how many users are interested on that feature - so, if you still haven´t hearted the topics with features you´d like to se, go there now, and do that - On the other forums, it only shows that you liked the topic - and you can sort by hearts if you want to see what other people think it´s the best of that forum... But yes, the heart on forum isn´t used that much...

I´m moving your post to support, and changing names....

Thanks Lorien for your response. Maybe I did not really explain or ask this properly. I did know what it is for but I wanted to know how many use it or do not know what it is for or just forget about it being there but maybe your explanation will help those that don't know or remind them if they see this. After thinking about where you moved it to I don't think many will see it but will hope they do. But thanks anyway.

@Brenda: thanks for the suggestion. We're going to experiment in the future with changing the "heart this" text to "Like", and also making the button more prominent.

I love that it is a "heart this" makes the site more unique in my opinion

I prefer heart this too smiley

I really prefer Heart this too but maybe just making more prominent. My concern was not many people either know what it is for or forget to click it. So Jordan we all do prefer Heart this but just whatever needs to be done to get people to use it. How about one of those ad kind of things across the top reminding people to use and what it is for. Thanks all of you for your comments and Thanks Jordan for your thoughts and all that you do for the site. We just love the site as you well know already.

Maybe instead of changing the heart this feature adding a like feature too. The like feature would be mostly to give someone a thumbs up or something on their layout with out saving it to your favorites? This would be particularly handy when you want to comment but feel silly because 10 people before you have said the exact same thing...?

I love the heart ...and its pink! lol I think its nice and prominent and I use it lots smiley

I like the Heart too! Please don't take it away...LOL! smiley smiley smiley

Yea "Heart" is better, definitely cooler than "like it" because we always see those buttons everywhere and also when you heart a layout or element, kit, or whatever then you are able to find what you heart on your profile page. it is like your pin board.

I agree with kaleena. I've been using the "Heart" button as a "like this" button, to give recognition of good work, though I'd like the heart feature to be more of a favourites option.