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Help me document my life

Hi, Don't think for a second that something horrible is going to get me however I now do want to document all details of my daily life more of which will unfold as I go on ,but for starters I work in the day as a chef and support worker with people who have various learning difficulties, every day makes me happy and my time is well spent and my days are incredibly varied and extremely rewarding.
As time goes on I will post Photos and info as things unfold and happen but I must stress that I have a duty of care for the people with whom I work so some bits will not be documented but there are regular funny bit that happen on a daily basis ,Well I think they are funny.
I'll keep you posted with images and stories although some of the identities will be changed to protect the innocent smiley

That is fine Paul for you to change their names or blur their faces to protect them. My husband is in the healthcare industry and he can't share personal info about their clients either, so I fully understand that. We look forward to seeing your layouts as you participate and hearing the funny and wonderful stories that bless your life!

What kind of help are you looking for specifically in documenting things? How to use PSCS? How to download? Tutorials for digital scrapbooking? Let us know so we can give you better direction. smiley

PS Feel free to start a thread in THIS forum to let us know more about you. We'd love to get to know you. Where you're from, married, partner, kids, what got you into digital scrapping? whatever you're comfortable sharing is fine... however little or much. smiley
Thanks for joining us, We're glad to have you as part of our little community here! smiley

Hey Paul! I just remembered this thread Marisa started a long time ago for newbies. It has TONS of info too that might help you. But alas, let us know if you need something different.

Paul, Here's a thread started a while back and has many ideas for pages and links that will really be more than you can imagine with all kinds of things to make you journal about. It really makes your mind whirl. Hope it helps with what you want to do. I am working on mine right now about me for my daughter and it really takes me back to lots of memories as I try to tell her more about me and my feelings.

Hi Paul,

It's wonderful to hear someone talk about their jobs in such energetic words - you must really love what you are doing. Can't wait to see what you will post in the gallery. Documenting your life is always a good idea, especially if you have something funny to record.

I love that you work with special needs individuals. Both of my children are autistic; so I know first-hand how important it is to ahve people who really care helping and mentoring them.

Hi Robyne, I actually work with special needs and adult mental health however my wife works with children with autism and I know that although she finds the job very demanding as I'm sure you will understand because they do all have thier individual personality needs but just like everyone else in this world ,they have the ability to love on whichever level that they can manage and discovering that individual level is so rewarding,I suppose that we are very lucky because I work within a managed farm and the boys and girls all have thier specific jobs that they enjoy,( I call them my boys and girls ,some of them are in thier forties) but it doesn't matter ,they all love to be loved and that's across the board, we also integrate with my wifes school because we have an adventure playground so I see quite a lot of the Kids and that's great fun,when you see them get so, I was going to say excited but exilarated decribes it better, and you find that right down to even the smallest thing like (one of the little boys loves textures so when he being Ethan gets down on the floor so that you can pull him around by the feet across the floors on his back or his front so that he can feel the different textures, and my god how he laughs and gets so much out of such a simple thing.
It truly puts so much rubbish into perspective, there's more to life than watching your child sitting in front of a computer monitor and getting fatter.

Love to you and your boys

Paul xx

Thank you, all of you for your kind words, I will go ahead and do what I do the way I do it (does that make sense?) but all will unfold as time goes by,It's great to meet you all and you're all terrific people,and remember all of you are terrific in your own ways ,that's what makes us ,Us. Or You, You???? smiley Oh for Heavens sake!! I know what I mean smiley

So love to you all
Keep watchin


Paul, I think we are so blessed to have you in our Pixel Scrapper community - welcome! You and your wife are such special people, and I am looking forward to seeing your work.

I agree with what Robyn says!!! smiley

Thank you Robyn, as soon as I can I will be posting some work .
Lots of love to you and your boys