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We have a chocolate lab named Guinness. I'm not sure how I came up with the names for all of our critters but the names seem to fit them really well. My sister has a black lab and his name is Harley. When you find the right one, you will know.

Congratulations on the new doggy... I think Duncan is a wonderful name for him. smiley

Thanks everyone! smiley I'm still loving the name....and he's responding to Duncan now which is good. smiley I've also been getting compliments locally on the name. When I told one guy about the name change, he asked what it was originally. And, when I told him "Thor," I got the same reaction I've received from everyone else - hysterical laughter. He told me Duncan was much better & that he liked it - said it was fitting. I took him out to the local farmer's market today to try to get in some more socialization (since it's very apparent he wasn't socialized much). Oh my back, is all I'll say.. He pulled & pulled & pulled & pulled. But I still love the big guy - even ordered a new dog bed for him this week.

@Tina: Yeah, Harley was another name I put out there but my hubby didn't like it. Not sure why... I always thought I'd name my next lab, if male, Murphy. But he just didn't look like a Murphy to me... Oh well.

@J.ajabad: I posted a pic of him in post #9 in this thread. It's hosted on, so if you can't see it maybe you're blocking pictures from there?

I took some more pictures of Duncan this week but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. Hoping some of them turned out good. If I get a good one, I'll try to post another pic.

That's such a great name! smiley

Love your dog- we have a black lab too. Perfect name for him- Duncan.

I'm glad he's getting used to his name and it sounds like you're really enjoying having him as
part of your family. My labs love their dog beds...but most of the time, like sleeping on the
couch so much more...LOL! smiley

@Sharilynn @Beatrice: thanks! smiley

@Kathie: yeah - we definitely are enjoying him. and the kids love teasing him when we play Taboo (he goes wild for the squeaker). and yeah - he loves the couch, too. my hubby's not happy about that - thinks he'll rip apart the couch - but I put down a lap quilt for him on one section of the couch & Duncan instinctively lies down on that, so I'm not worried.

I still haven't uploaded the pics I've taken of him to see if any of them are good yet - I really should get around to it. My only excuse is it's been a lazy summer - been enjoying playing with the dog, board games with the kids & swimming a lot.

I do the same thing...they each have their own little blanket on their favorite spots on the couch.
It works perfectly and there has been no damage to the furniture. Maggie..the older of the two, cracks me up!
She reminds me of Linus...whenever she knows she's going in the car, she runs to the couch and grabs her blanket
off to take with her....LOL!

Sounds like you're enjoying lots of family time during the summer. There's no better way to enjoy it than that! smiley
That's where memories are made for sure.

Love the "Linus" story! Did you teach her that? (totally adorable)

Duncan got skunked last night... BLAH We washed him 3 times with a baking soda/hydrogen peroxide/dishwashing detergent mix. He smells a lot better, but he still stinks -- esp. in the muzzle area (he got hit in the face real bad - poor doggy - at least the spray missed his eyes). I want to put out his new bed (just came in yesterday, ironically, and I put it on the porch to air out) but I don't dare until the stink is gone... Anyone have any good tips/tricks to get the smell gone for good?

Hi Lizanne I think that he defo sounds like a Dudley or a Bradley ,He sounds really lovely and I'm jealous ,although I have a dog that I just adore she's a little spaniel called Tilly she is just completely my whole world and she had to develop her little personality before I named her,and my goodness how she lives up to her name she's a proper little lady who has now taken to creeping, up onto my bed during the night and taking up a whole lot of space and thus pinning me to the wall obviously so that she is comfy enough and has enough bed,I'm a real sap when it comes to her.
Hope you get to name him soon
Lots of crafty luv

Lemon Juice is the only answer Lizanne try it it works

@ Paul: Thanks, haven't tried that. I did break down & ordered some Buddy Rhodes' De-Stinkin' Jubilee (read a lot of good things about it) - just waiting for it to arrive so we can get him all cleaned up (& hopefully eradicate the smell once & for all) and put his new dog bed down (it's been sitting on my porch, airing out, ever since he got skunked).

Oh, and thanks for the name suggestions. We ended up naming him Duncan a few weeks ago and, thankfully, he's responding to it (was afraid it might not work, since he'd been going by "Thor" for the first 3-1/2 years of his life). I can't believe I've had him for a month and a half already... So glad I took him in - he's been a great addition to the family. Sounds like your girl, Tilly, is spoiled.....and I mean that in a good way. smiley smiley

Well, good for you ,I think Duncan Is a splendid name and in fact ,the onw that I could''nt rmember was Dudley But so close !!! enjoy your dog
Love Paulxx

have you actually tried Guiness? to be honest I think that it's a bit not my scene Anyhoo I do think It's a fab name for your dog ,....Enjoy him ,he will bring joy to your life



He is gorgeous...his coat looks like black velvet...maybe velvet would be a good name

Sirius !

My Girl Tilly is incredibly spoiled and now I notice that she creeps up onto the bed when I'm asllep, I'm trying to train her to get up and make coffee smiley

Duncan is a great name. He's such a lovely boy. Mom has a black lab named Gus.

You did a great job, he definately looks like a Duncan. Enjoy all the the fun times with him.