Help Wanted: one of our Spanish speaking Pixel Scrappers....

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Help Wanted: one of our Spanish speaking Pixel Scrappers....

Hey, with Marisa being on her trip, I was wondering if one of our Spanish speaking Pixel Scrappers would go by and look over my translations for the Mexico Labels Kit. I'm uploading the assets for her this week and next. I wanted to be able to put the English translations in the descriptions for those of us that aren't fluent in Spanish.

Having Homeschooled, learning things is important to me, but we taught French. Even though my daughter is on her second trip to Honduras, neither of us know enough smiley

If someone could go by and check out the assets...I'm using Google Translate, but I'd like them to be accurate.


I will be so happy to help smiley my first language is Spanish so I can help you with this, below is the list:

• Momentos Como Este = Moments like this
• Espectacular = Spectacular
• Vida Amorosa = Lovely Life
• Momentos Para Recordar = Moments To Remember
• Fotos Fotos Fotos = Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
• Tu y Yo = You & I
• Vivir, Reir, Amor = Live, Laugh, Love
• Vamonos = Let's Go
• Amigos = Boy Friends
• Sonreir = Smile
• Aventura = Adventure
• El Camino = The Road
• Que Bien = That's Good
• Viaje = Trip
• Delicioso = Delicious
• Magnifico = Magnific (referring to a boy)
• Maravillosa = Wonderful
• Buenos Dias = Good Morning
• Fiesta Fiesta = Fiesta Fiesta
• Buen Dia = Good Day
• Feliz = Happy
• Siempre = Always
• Vamos = Let's Go
• Que Mundo Maravilloso = What A Wonderful World
• Que Bonito = How Pretty
• Nosotros = We
• La Vida Magica = The Magic Life
• Lo Mejor = The Best
• La Familia = Family
• Divertido = Fun
• Magnifica = Magnific (referring to a girl)
• Paraiso = Paradise
• Amigas = Girl Friends
• Disfrutar Hoy = Enjoy Today
• Que Bonita = How Beautiful
• Buena Foto = Good Picture
• Hola = Hello
• Cada Minuto = Every Minute
• Comida Favorita = Favorite Food

I hope this helps, If you need more help please let me know! smiley

Jiovanna, Momentos Como Este...I know we have great Amigas here at Pixel Scrappers!

You must have already downloaded the kit! Magnifica!


You know what is best? Not only count on our friends to help, but that 80% of the sentences Marisa choose spell the same in Portugese, lol.

Glad you both could figure it out smiley

@Laura: So glad I was able to help smiley

@Lorien: That's why we are here for, to help each other! ^_-