High School Reunion Photo Checklist

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High School Reunion Photo Checklist

So, my 20-year high school class reunion is coming up next year. And I'm on the planning committee. And I can't seem to find a photo checklist for a reunion...what "must-have" photos should be on our photographer's checklist?

I'm no help since I guess I just missed my 10 year reunion....

smiley Don't no one want to hear about 10 years...this is 20!!! smiley Besides, I apparently missed our 10-year, too! LOL!

What I do have, so far, is...

  • Group (Alumni)
  • Individuals
  • Individuals with spouse/partner
  • Any teachers who may show
  • Retakes of Most Athletic, Most Popular, Etc. (Then & Now)

Just for the record (lol) I went to the 10 years of starting high-school, but missed the one from 10 years grad because they scheduled it for a place I couldn´t reach by bus with ankle pains... Also, there was a place with a kind of music I really dislike, so I wasn´t convinced to give this a try :p

Tina, we didn´t hire a photographer in ours, and it was in an afternoon, so the people who had kids also bought their children. So we had photos of families (not only with spouse/partner), of the children playing, of small groups (including ones that used to be good friends/a work group/festival group/club back then), and lots of very relaxed pics during the party.

A cool thing is that there were a boy and a girl that were always mocking each other and they ended up marrying... they were engaged at that point, and it was great fun to see them together... He used to be the thinner of all boys in our class (we had only 5 boys for 27 or so girls - it was a high school class with specialization in teaching kids, therefore there weren´t many boys interested) and he was too fat in the meeting! The most handsome of the boys back then won lots of pounds too... Well, I bet you´ll have great fun on your alumni party, specially if you missed the 10 years one...

Thanks, Lorien!

OK, so our reunion (at the moment), looks like this...

Friday evening/night: high school football game with tailgating
Saturday midday: family picnic at a local park (barbecue, bounce house, etc.)
Saturday night: dinner and event (dance/karaoke/whatever), alumni only and their spouses/partners

If that helps to spawn any additional ideas or suggestions! smiley

Taking those "redo" photos seems to be popular now. I'd go through the yearbook and find some fun photos to repose.

Classes actually do class reunions?!!
I doubt our class will have one...ever.
I only had 19 in my graduating class.
We are almost all connected in someway on Facebook so there really is no need for a reunion I guess.

I never went to any of my h.s. reunions - all of my friends were in the classes above me, and most of the kids in my graduating class were stuck-up snobs. Now if the college I went to for undergrad had any reunions I would go, but they sold their college to U-MASS several years after I graduated & I haven't seen any reunion announcements out there...

I did go to my hubby's 20th h.s. reunion... Whoever put it together had rented a "function room" at a local restaurant, had obtained the services of a dj (there was a small area for dancing in the middle of the room), set up a mini bar (to buy drinks from) & offered appetizers on a buffet table. Not many people danced - they just stood around, mingling & chatting, commenting how different everyone looked. IMHO it was BORING & I couldn't wait for the night to end ('course the 70's music didn't help either - not a big fan of disco music or "KC and the Sunshine Band"). I don't know if all reunions are like that, but that's how this one was.