How did you get your name?

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Anne, it was a rough time to be sure, but it's ancient history now--my son's 26 now and I have a daughter-in-law as of last fall! That year changed the course of my life, and it's not an experience I'd wish on anyone else, but I'm at a point where I recognize the strength and maturity it forced me to develop, and am grateful for the blessing that my son has become a courteous and caring young man, and the blessing of having gone through that tough time so I knew my inner strength and my own worth when other people and other tough times tried to break me later on.

I got Katherine from Katharine Hepburn, she may have been popular at the time. My middle name is Regina (which my mother also shares).

When it came time to name my child, it was going to be Elizabeth Regina or Charles Joseph (after my husband's grandfather; my grandfather and also my father's name). I didn't catch on to the Royal Family moment, until after my son was born. He goes by Charlie, but sometimes we call him "Sir Charles".


Your story is like a novel. I can relate to it, as well. I was born 2 months early. I didn't get a cool namesake, but I did survive my two rounds of pneumonia and conquered my asthma, before leaving the hospital... so that's a perk. smiley

My son was a preemie too, he was a month early.

My mother thought she was having a boy, so she had all boys names picked, I popped out and she was at a loss, the midwife was French , her name was Cherie Suzanne, so they called me Cheryl Suzanne, meaning Beloved Rose

My real/full name is Melouise, but most of my friends and family call me Melo. My name consists of the names of both my grandmothers: Meintje (my parents only used Me) and Louise. Apparently my mom had to put up a small fight with my father - he had his heart set on 'Aphrodite'. Needless to say, I'm glad my mom won the argument....

My dad wanted the name Janet when it came time to name my eldest sister. With 4 older sisters, mom was certain that I'd be a boy and that she would name me Joshua. Dad's insisted again that if I was a girl, he wanted to name me Janet. smiley

As for my girls, Annelyse's name is a combination of her three auntie's middle names (Ann, Alice, and Leigh) - a name I knew I wanted for many years. Her middle name Melissa, is after the nurse who revived her at birth.

For Sophia, her dad and I went around and around trying to figure out a name. I knew early on that I loved the name Sophia (for no particular reason). He didn't we kept on tossing around names. When my water broke at 22 weeks, she wasn't expected to survive and I insisted that we give her a name. Her dad suggested Sophia. She got her middle name Grace because while I was on hospital bedrest with her, carolers came (it was new years eve). They sang the song 'Amazing Grace'. The 3rd verse rang far too true with how complicated the pregnancy had been and how much farther we had to go.

It's always fun to hear these stories!

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Well you see ... my name has nothing to do with my "real name", nor with what my parents had thought for me. They wanted a boy and his name would be Jose Luis (for the grandparents), but I was born, a girl,
and my godmother chose "Clara Eugenia", the heroine of a radio soap opera of the time. My mother thought it was very long and she started calling me a cradle (kuna) because I moved back and forth by myself and that movement made the cradle also rock (a very dynamic baby) smiley smiley

Mine is a fun story too, It all started in 1967 when my mother went in to give birth, and back in those days dad stayed in the waiting room. They thought they were having a very big boy. and My mother wanted to name me Montgomery. "Monty" ugh.... so glad I'm a girl, but onto the best part of the story. My poor nervous dad was sitting in the waiting room when the Dr. came out and asked if he was hoping for one of each. My dad was like ???? My mom delivered two identical twin girls. My name Melissa Leah and my twins name is Melanie Leah, but was originally Michelle mom had to quick change the paper work apparently. My mom wanted names that she could give us nick names for so most of our lives we have been called Missy and Molly.