How Do You Organize Your "To Do" Pages?

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How Do You Organize Your "To Do" Pages?

So, I have been told that I am crazy (which I know I am a little smiley, but I do a page based on the event. So, for example, if the kids were at a birthday party, that would be considered one page, etc.

On my blog, (because I am a big list maker), I have made a list of all my photo folders (event folders), and I am crossing a page off my list each time I get one done.

Is this how anyone else does it?

Is there an easier way?

Just curious how all of you organize your digital scrapbook pages.

Thanks smiley

Click here to see my "to-do" list Website Blog Last Updated 4/10/2015

NOTE: (4/10/15): So, I just started doing project life style pages for past events (events prior to my first son being born). I find that this is easier and faster to play catch up. Is that the case with anyone else?

Good luck with that intense list!

@Marisa: Yeah lol. Thanks smiley At least I know I will always have a page to do smiley

That's a great idea- I keep telling myself I need to make a list like that but I never seem to get to it. I think you have inspired me. Thanks,

Amara ... your list scares me lol .... I too make lists but that is a whopper, but I bet you get more done than I do smiley

WOW!!! Super impressed, overwhelmed AND inspired!!! I have a list of ideas but nothing as concrete as I tend to be a "whim" scrapper. That said, this is awfully inspiring as long as I don't get bogged down in the making of the list. Thanks for sharing!!!

Wowzers Amara, that is one epic list! I'm not sure if I can call my pages organized although I sometimes use a theme and sometimes its on a whim. I can see how a list can be helpful to organize and track the pages you've made thus far. I think I may make an adopted list. smiley

Wow.. that list is epic! Though, if I had access to all the family pictures, I'd probably be close to a list like this also. I guess I should be thankful I left everything behind when I left Canada to move to Mexico! smiley

wow! that's an amazing list!

Good for you for tackling such a big list! I scrapped like this too until this year, and now I'm doing a 52 weeks project, which is a different kind of challenge. Honestly, I would do much like you do. I would go through my pictures - usually each month - and make a list of each event to scrap. If there was a casual picture that didn't go with a significant event I would make a note for that picture and give it its own page. Or I would put all of those "didn't have an event" pictures into a large collage for the entire year. Now, until this year that was fairly easy because we didn't do too much and thus didn't take a ton of pictures! lol

I don't know if there's an easier way, but it works for me!

I appreciate the feedback smiley It can get super messy super quick and my sister-in-law was the one who made me think that the way I am tackling my projects may not be the best way. I agree with you ... it works for me and this way I don't get confused (at least too much lol smiley. I am always open to a new way to scrap and I like your idea of the 52 weeks project smiley

Every day I make a list of what you need to do on top the most urgent and necessary

I organize my photos by event, family, or person. I don't really do them in any kind of order... I just do the one that is speaking to me at the moment.

I get a little crazed when trying to organize my photos. I can never decide where it should go, especially if it has more than one person or family. I end up making copies and putting them in the event, family, and individual folders. It's not efficent but I know I'll be able to find it.

I should have a better organized system. It seems like you really have everything together. I just put the pictures in a folder for the month and year they were taken. It does sometimes get a bit confussing if I wait to long to scrap a picture, but it usually works well for me.

I like to organize my to do pages by the event. I further organize those into the month and year of the event. I try to work forward so I'm always scrapping layouts from the past and one day I hope to actually catch up to the present.

I organize my photo's on date and year. I make a book of every year. So now i'm in 2015, march. I really like to keep up.

Thanks for sharing, I'm new to the scrapping world and posts like this set me up really well as I start to create and build materials!