Hug your cat day?

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Hug your cat day?

I get differing dates. Can anyone say for certainty when it is? Much appreciated. >_<

No idea, never heard about this day... well, I hug my cats everyday, lol, and I have lots of them to hug...

I've seen quite a few dates as well but the one that pops up the most is June 4th so I'm thinking that may be the actual Hug Your Cat Day. Hope this helps!

HA! I've never heard of this before. I might have to celebrate it just to scrap about it! haha

Never heard of it!

@Sharilynn Thanks! That would be a relief since one of the days is May 3 and it just went by.
@Lorien True! A blogger said it should be Hug someone else's cat day.
@Lady Philippa Yes! Yes! Let's all do!
@Elizabeth Rose I stumbled on it purely by accident!